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Your Miami Dolphins 2023 Team Awards Predictions!

NFL: JAN 01 Dolphins at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last week, with the NFL season kickoff just around the corner I asked the question, “Who do you think or predict will be the team’s biggest contributors this season? Who will be their biggest contributor or most important player on offense when all is said and done? Who will be the biggest contributor or most important player on defense? Who will emerge from the bunch as the Miami Dolphins rookie of the year? Which player will snatch the title of most improved player this coming season? Which player will step up and claim the team awarded “Don Shula Leadership Award”? What award am I leaving out that you would add to the list?”

Below are some of your answers-

Blaze453 sees a possible NFL Defensive Player Of The Year award for Phillips this season. Here's to hoping that he’s correct!

Offensive MVP: Tua this is easy even with Hill as Hill helps Tua get the award. He WILL BE a top 3 efficient QB1 in the NFL; D MVP: Phillips but Holland will be a close runner-up. Do not sleep on JP winning the NFL D of yr; Rookie of the year: Smith but watch out for Brooks sneaking in there if he gets RB1 status; Most improved AJ if coming back from injury counts if not Durham since he’ll catch 50+ this yr; UDFA of YearJ Hill

daytonadolfan thinks that Brooks might run wild as a rookie!

O -MVP, Hill, Tua’, Waddle! Couldn’t pick just one! D-mvp, Wilkins earns a contract! ROY-Brooks! MIP- Howard! Whack award goes to the front office for getting Fangio!

TheRoo1 thinks that Wilkins’ value might actually balloon to more than it is now.

OMVP, Tua, was cited for being able to throw 2000 yards of passes to Cheetah without wreaking his elbow; DMVP, Wilkins, for doubling his counts for tackles, hurries, and sacks, and having a towel that says now double my pay; ROY, Achane, but the problem is giving it to him, once wound up he ran out of the stadium Forrest Gump style; Most improved, Armstead for playing all 17 games; Award not listed, Tua, for setting a new NFL record with the leagues first ever “Roughing the tackler” penalty for using a Judo hip throw on a blitzing linebacker

Dwadeshouse sees Durham Smythe turning into the tightened that we have been hoping for!

Offensive MVP - Hill; Defensive MVP - Phillips; Rookie of the Year - Smith; Most Improved Player - Smyth (I think Smyth makes a big jump this year. He catches the passes he's targetted on. He just needs the volume, which he will get this year.)

Call_for_the_Priest’77 has a slew of I hope he's right kind of predictions!

OMVP: Tua T (We knew it now he gonna prove it! Don’t count him out of the League MVP race either!); DMVP: B. Chubb (Dude’s on a mission to prove himself against a lot of other good QB hunters here!); RotY: D. Achane (Don’t let the modest PS or shoulder bug fool you. This guy got goods for hardware!); MIP: X. Howard (Xample. He will return with vengeance to set the example once more and amply so!); But then there is the BHSA (Best Head Slapper Award). Careful here, this isn’t as easy as it sounds; BHSA: C. Wilkins (Ok, I know. But ask yourselves: “Would I rather have TH headslap me or CW?”)

SuperG! sees Holland taking that next step to being fully dominant!

Offensive MVP - Tyreek; Defensive MVP - Holland; Rookie Of The Year - Brooks; Most Improved Player - Smythe; Award I Didn’t Add - Coach of the Year - Fangs

72Phins4ever sees David Long making an impact for this year's defense!

OMVP ~ Tyreek Hill; DMVP ~ Christian Wilkins; ROY ~ Cam Smith; MI ~ Iggy Duram Smyth; Best Addition ~ David Long Jr

NCSurferMike sees Easy-E taking the next step in his progression!

Offensive MVP - Tua; Defensive MVP - Phillips; Rookie Of The Year - A-Train; Most Improved Player - Easy E

Alpha6 sees Barrios giving the special teams a big boost!

Offensive MVP - Tua, QB; Defensive MVP - David Long Jr; Rookie Of The Year - Chris Brooks, RB; Most Improved Player - Jaelan Phillips, DE/LB; Award I Didn’t Add - “Outstanding Special Teams Player” - Berrios, Receiver; First game prediction - Chargers 13... Dolphins 33.

Dolfanjoe has Julian Hill being our best rookie. Would be great to get an unexpected boost at TE!

Hill; Phillips; Julian Hill; Austin Jackson; Most points Berrios

A lot of awesome predictions, most of which will be awesome if they happen. Thank you to every one of you who took the time to stop in, read the post, and give us your answers and thoughts on the question of the day.

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