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Monday Night-Labor Day Weekend Random Open Thread

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Rich Storry/Getty Images

Every now and then, especially on holiday weekends such as now, we go away from the question of the day post, as there will be little participation, and just roll with the good ole’ fashion random live/open thread concept. So tonight, as with last evening, feel free to use this thread to discuss anything from our Miami Dolphins to the rest of the NFL to all of the college football this past weekend and of course just your daily happenings or just tell us what you did with your long holiday weekend. While our open live threads tend to be pretty much anything goes the rules of the site do still apply and be forewarned that Bill is watching. Bill is always watching!

So just a side question tonight, Which Miami Dolphins player will score the first points of the season this coming weekend against the Los Angeles Chargers?