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Join The Phinsider’s 2023 Survivor contest

The Phinsider is running a free Survivor contest this year with a prize for the winners. Join below and bookmark this page so you can make your pick each week.

F1 Grand Prix of Miami - Previews Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The 2023 edition of our annual survivor pool is now open - but you will notice a big difference in this year’s contest. You can win money! Straight up, here is your chance to win some money from DraftKings Sportsbook if you prove to be the longest survivor in the group.

If you do not know how a survivor pool works, you simply have to correctly predict the winner of one game each week (ties count as losses). That is it - pick one game’s winner and you advance to the next week. Of course, the caveat is, once you pick a team as a winner, you cannot use that team again. For example, if you correctly pick the Miami Dolphins to beat the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 1, you move on to Week 2, but you may not use the Dolphins again for the remainder of the season. If you pick a team that does not win - or you forget to make a pick for a week - you are eliminated. The last player standing wins ... thus a “survivor” pool.

Interested? You can join in and track the leader board below.

What are the prizes? If you join the contest starting now, the last person (or people) standing wins $250. If everyone is eliminated before Week 18, the last people to lose win the prize. If there are multiple winners, the prize will be split between them.

This will not be the only competition, however. We will also be running a second-chance contest this year. If you are eliminated before Week 5, or you do not join in Week 1, you will have a chance to jump into the second-chance contest. If you are still in the running in the first contest, you cannot join the second. The winner of the second-chance contest will score $100.

Now, get your pick for Week 1 in and good luck!