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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Are the Dolphins the best team in the NFL?

Have the Miami Dolphins slingshot themselves to the top of this weeks NFL Power Rankings?

Week 3 felt like a self-correction week. Most of the teams we knew were good are starting to finally come around. The usual deep playoff suspects are holding strong at the top, but as you may suspect, there is one team that is playing at a level that is head, and shoulders above everyone else so there may be a new king of the NFL Power Rankings.

With that, let’s rank all 32 NFL teams.

1. Miami Dolphins (4)

  • Your Miami Dolphins are the best team in the NFL right now. I know it’s crazy to hear, and that’s the first time I’ve said those words in my 31 years on this planet, but it’s true. Tua Tagovailoa and the offense are off to a historic start and are doing it in whatever way the defense dictates whether that’s through the air or on the ground. Between Tua’s play, the play calling, the run game, and the offensive line play everything seems to be in perfect sync right now. Not to mention the defense has been making stops when needed, and forcing turnovers. Just wait until Jalen Ramsey is back. Let’s see if the Dolphins can hold the top spot after a real measuring stick game against arch-rival Buffalo Bills.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (1)

  • The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0 and haven’t looked like they’re about to lose yet, but I’m stuck because it feels like they’ve been cruising against bad teams. Luckily for them, they don’t have a game against a top-10 team for another 4 weeks. Eagles are staring at 6-0 with no real signature wins.

3. San Francisco 49ers (2)

  • The Niners took care of business against the Giants on TNF, and that’s great, but I can’t sit here and say it’s more impressive than what the Dolphins are Eagles have done. Another top team with an easy first-quarter schedule, but we’ll get to see Brock Purdy against a real defense in two weeks against the Cowboys. Check back after that.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (3)

  • The Taylor Swift effect is in full swing down in Kansas City as the Chiefs beat down the dumpster fire called the Chicago Bears. The Chiefs look to be themselves again as Travis Kelce is back to full health, and Chris Jones is fully integrated into the defense. The defense is young and great, but I’m still worried about the Chiefs’ weapons outside Kelce.

5. Buffalo Bills (7)

  • Everyone including myself was down on the Buffalo Bills after being embarrassed by the Zach Wilson-led New York Jets in week 1, but they took it on the chin, and have been dominant the last two weeks. They’re on fire heading back to Buffalo to battle the best team in football right now the Miami Dolphins. This is easily going to be the game of the week. Top 3 power ranking implications on the line too.

6. Dallas Cowboys (5)

  • As much as I want to drop the Cowboys out of the top 10, they just fell into a classic trap game against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cowboys were gashed by the Cardinals running game, and quarterback Joshua Dobbs made all the big throws that Dak Prescott couldn’t. The Cowboys were practically begging Dak to win them this game, and he came up short.

7. Baltimore Ravens (6)

  • I’m going to give the Ravens a pass here even though they lost to a team that doesn’t have their starting quarterback. With all the injuries on offense, it feels like the Ravens are trying to adjust, and got caught by a fantastic defense. They had chances to win the game in the 4th, and OT, but just couldn’t finish. They’ll bounce back next week.

8. New Orleans Saints (10)

  • You’ll rarely ever see me push a team higher in the rankings of a loss because it makes no sense, but if Derek Carr stays in that game the Saints are easily 3-0. Not to take away Jordan Love’s amazing 4th quarter, but Jameis Winston was lost out there and looked in over his head. Still a great roster, and Carr is week to week so I like where the Saints are at.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (9)

  • I have a lot of fear for the Cincinnati Bengals. Luckily for them, they got a huge win on Monday, but once again Joe Burrow was a shell of himself. He’s playing hurt, and it feels like the Bengals are playing Russian roulette with the revolver 90% filled. I hope Burrow can somehow get to full health, but calf issues don’t go away playing weekly.

10. Cleveland Browns (16)

  • Good jump for the Cleveland Browns after a dominating win over the Titans. The defense stepped up to a new level, and if Myles Garrett can be as dominating as he was on Sunday with 3.5 sacks, the Browns are going to be a tough out. The defense showed out, and Jerome Ford was able to pick up the slack after they lost Nick Chubb for the season. Watson slowly looks like he’s getting back to where he was.

11. Detroit Lions (11)

  • The Detroit Lions went out there and bullied the bully. The Atlanta Falcons were pushing teams around in the trenches, and running the ball down teams throats, but the Lions had other plans. The Lions’ defense kept the Falcons to just 44 yards rushing and made Desmond Ridder try to beat them, and he didn’t. Lions roll.

12. Seattle Seahawks (12)

  • Another one in the win column and the narrative of the Geno Smith story being a 1 year wonder is starting to die. DK Metcalf went off, and Kenneth Walker went off in the second half. A really solid team all around with an easy first-half schedule can give them enough wins to cruise to the playoffs. Top 10 team soon.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (8)

  • I don’t know what’s going on with the Jacksonville Jaguars offense. You add Calvin Ridley, and you get worse? Not only are they not scoring points, but gave up 37 to the Texans who shouldn’t even be in the game. Disappointing start for a team most media heads thought could be the #1 seed in the AFC.

14. LA Chargers (13)

  • Justin Herbert did everything possible to win against the Minnesota Vikings, but Brandon Staley still almost lost the game. Herbert went off for 400 yards, and 3 touchdowns, but it all came down to Staley going for it on 4th, and 1 from his own 24 instead of punting the ball. Luckily for him, Kirk Cousins threw a trademark pick with the game on the line, and let Staley stay on the plank a little longer.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (15)

  • The Steelers may be a quarterback away from being a true contender. Kenny Pickett is fine, but he’s at best a game manager and it feels like they’re just treading water. Worst 2-1 team in my opinion, and the defense does all of the heavy lifting. It could be an offensive line issue since they can’t run the ball either, but this offense needs to show up.

16. Green Bay Packers (22)

  • There’s good and bad news with the win against the Saints Sunday, The good news is that Jordan Love had an incredible 4th quarter, and looks to be a franchise QB. Reminds me a lot of Aaron Rodgers with all the arm angles he uses and the whip on his ball. The bad news is that if Derek Carr stays in the game, the Packers get routed. Great win, but QB injury luck had a lot to do with it.

17. New England Patriots (14)

  • Sometimes I still think the Patriots don’t have enough electric players on offense, but with OC Bill O’Brien’s game planning, I like what the offense has to offer. The Patriots were in both games against the Eagles, and Dolphins and had a chance to win both. The only reason they dropped is because other teams had better wins, and a win over Zach Wilson doesn’t give you much credit. Spicy team to get an eye on though.

18. Indianapolis Colts (28)

  • HUGE win over the Baltimore Ravens with a backup quarterback playing. Not to talk down on Gardner Minshew who played a solid game, but you can see how good this roster is especially defensively. I don’t see Minshew leading this team anywhere, but when Richardson is back the Colts can be a tough team to beat. Also, shout out to Matt Gay who went 5/5 on 50+ yard field goals. That’s incredible.

19. Atlanta Falcons (20)

  • The Atlanta Falcons got bullied by the Detroit Lions, but I still like that they have a style that they’re sticking to. You’re not always going to win that way, but this team is built right now as a ground-and-pound team that’s going to make teams very sore after they play. Another team that’s a quarterback away from being a top 10-15 team. (P.S. USE KYLE PITTS!)

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21)

  • If you look at just the score, it looks like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were never in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. I’ll say that the Bucs were a few Mike Evans drops being catches away from being right there with them including a touchdown he dropped. It happens, and I think the Bucs are a good team going forward. If Derek Carr doesn’t play, they can be looking at 3-1.

21. LA Rams (18)

  • The LA Rams are stuck in a weird place. They have a win now quarterback in Matt Stafford who’s playing well with a roster that is years away from competing. They are trending in the wrong direction for 2023, but it may be time to just unload Stafford or the best offer you can get, and tank for a top QB.

22. Washington Commanders (17)

  • The Washington Commanders got dominated by the Buffalo Bills, and it’s time to hit the brakes on them. The Commanders beat two bad teams and then got massacred. Sam Howell threw 4 interceptions, and the Bills just went up, and down the field on them. Not a good sign, but let’s see if they show up against the Eagles.

23. Minnesota Vikings (23)

  • By far the best 0-3 team I’ve ever seen. From being the best in one-score games to being the worst in one-score games is just cruel football luck. Kirk Cousins is playing out of his mind besides throwing a game-losing red zone interception. If they don’t trade Kirk I still think they have the best shot at getting to .500 out of all the 0-3 teams.

24. Las Vegas Raiders (19)

  • Quarterback Jimmy Garappolo and the Las Vegas Raiders are so hot, and cold. Never seen a team that makes play after play, and then just shoots themselves in the foot as much as them. The Raiders have the talent on offense to put up points, but throwing 3 interceptions is going to lose you every game with this defense. DeVante Adams could be traded soon.

25. New York Jets (24)

  • Another week another terrible Zach Wilson performance. You have to feel for Jets fans at this point. With head coach Robert Saleh committing to Zach Wilson, it looks as if the organization is in for the tank to get a top QB in the draft. Bottom 5 team soon.

26. Houston Texans (31)

  • CJ Stroud is going to be the Offensive Rook Of The Year. The Houston Texans found themselves a franchise quarterback. The roster still isn’t great, but with young weapons like Nico Collins, and Tank Dell the Texans have some good building blocks to build on. This is a 2024 team, but it’ll be fun watching CJ Stroud this year.

27. Tennessee Titans (25)

  • Ryan Tannehill was running for his life Sunday, and Myles Garrett will haunt his dreams an eternity. Every time Tannehill turned around Garrett was there throwing him to the ground. The Tennessee Titans’ offense was terrible, and the defense got worn down from being on the field too long. The outlook for the Titans is bleak until the offensive line is fixed.

28. Arizona Cardinals (32)

  • Huge win for the Arizona Cardinals over the Dallas Cowboys that no one saw coming. So many parlays were destroyed by this game. I love the culture that’s being cultivated within the Cardinals. They still have the worst roster in the league, but these guys play motivated. This is a bottom 5 team, but they’re heading in the right direction under Jonathan Gannon.

29. Carolina Panthers (30)

  • Bryce Young didn’t play against the Seattle Seahawks, but I’ll tell you this. The offense was there under Andy Dalton. It looked better last week than the first two weeks combined, and they could be an indictment on Bryce Young, or you could say that Andy Dalton is one of the best backups in the league. I’d go with the latter, but Bryce Young needs a strong showing coming back from the ankle injury this week. Either way, they seem to be a bottom 5 team.

30. New York Giants (27)

  • The New York Giants got clobbered 2⁄3 games this year, but both times were against a top 5 defense. No excuse for how ineffective this offense has been, but maybe they’ll trend upward when the schedule softens up. Either way, this was a fluke playoff team, and they’re now stuck in QB purgatory.

31. Chicago Bears (29)

  • The Chicago Bears are an absolute dumpster fire. It’s on both sides of the Justin Fields drama too. Justin Fields can’t read the coverage, and process fast enough and the coaching staff aren’t making things easy for him. They drafted a run-first quarterback, and want him to be a pocket passer. It hasn’t worked and isn’t going to work. Draft a new QB. Justin Fields is on the outs.

32. Denver Broncos (26)

  • The Denver Broncos may be suffering the worst football luck in the league outside the Raven’s injuries. Their head coach Sean Peyton broke the code by speaking badly of another coach, and now he looks like a coach who’s in over his skies. The Miami Dolphins put 70 on their head, and they could’ve broken the record and kicked an easy field goal, but Mike McDaniel spared them the embarrassment. Either way, you could tell the Broncos defenders quit, and have regressed to one of the worst defenses in the league. Nathaniel Hackett is vindicated more and more each week.

That’s it for the Week 4 NFL power rankings. Let us know in the comments your grade on the rankings and what you would change.