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Your choice for best and worst Miami Dolphins offseason moves

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Earlier this week with the NFL season kickoff fast approaching I asked the question(s), “Now that the 2023 roster for our Miami Dolphins is set what moves that the team made this offseason do you think were genius? Which of the moves was the dumbest thing that you have ever seen? Is there a move they should have made that they didn’t or just decided not to make that they should have in your opinion?”

Below are some of your thoughts and answers to the questions of the day-

Phin is the Word makes two super solid points!

Smart move: Being able to nab Fangio; Not-too-smart move: Stalling around to sign Wilkins as his price escalated

Matt in PSL is skeptical about the O-Line as are most of us, but a bit reluctant to trust that the organization made the right decision not improving the position group more.

Just gonna echo most of the folks on here… The best move is probably Fangio. Ramsey if he wasn’t hurt already. As far as the OL, all of the decision-makers seem content with what we have. I will reluctantly continue to trust the plan.

Molly Polly II is like the rest of us, not happy that Wilkins was not extended!

Genius: Fangio and Ramsey; Dumbest: unsuccessful Wilkins contract….but maybe there is more to this than we know.

Bill Moody in response to Molly Polly II endorsed both of their choices for Genuis and Dumbest while adding to the list.

This got my vote. The only things I’d add- (Genius): Moving on from Noah Igbabyebye; (Dumbest): Not doing enough to address the O-Line.

BxBruce is concerned about the RB depth and thinks that passing on paying Cook might be a big mistake in the long run.

Jeff Wilson to IR. What else is new? Achane is already banged up. Expect more of that. No way Mostert makes it through the season. No move on Dalvin Cook makes less sense every day and the season has not even started yet.

daytonadolfan agrees with me on Mike White. WHY? He’s also seemingly a bit bitter about Berrious but he will come around because he's from the U!

The good, Fangio, Ramsey, and keeping the core team in place. The bad has to go with not getting Wilkins a contract and maybe the White signing’s hard to get that jest’s taint off of you! Berrios took a bath at least!

tvegas897 has some legitimate concerns!

Best move: Other than Fangio, it was Jalen Ramsey, but now I’m not so sure. Hear me out, about to be 29 (not old but not a spring chicken either), off a down season, out for most of this season, and Miami picked up a big tab to secure him. Another splash signing gone wrong? Worst moves: No significant OL upgrades and signing a questionable backup over cheaper and better options like Minshew or Rush. I’m not so sure either Skylar or White can get it done. If I’m Miami, I’m looking to poach Zappe and pray for Tua to stay healthy

Dwadeshouse is excited about what Fangio will bring to the defense!

Fangio is the genius move. Hands down and that says something in a year we traded for one of the best CBs in the league. I don't think I could describe any of our moves as “dumb”, but the closest I think I could get to that description was drafting a WR (EH) to convert to TE. Then cutting him before you could develop him. Felt like a waste of a pick, but it was only a 6th so I wouldn't describe it as “dumb”. Those guys are always a lottery.

sdphinsfan is in with Berrios and out with not getting Wilkins and Seiler done when they combined would have been much cheaper. Also out on not adding a star RB.

Big Move: Fangio. Didn’t include Ramsey because, well, he’s not playing until week 10 or so... Small but most impactful: Signing Berrios. He’s going to have some opportunities to come up big for this Offense. Dumbest: Tie. 1. Not getting Wilkins and Seiler's deals done in March. 2. Not adding a legitimate threat to the RB room.

Bill Goularte likes most of the moves made but still wanted some upgrading to the OL. Me too Bill, me too...

I like the moves...Hopefully, Trill gets on the practice squad and works his way back but other than that, I was impressed they got something for Feeney (if in fact, he wasn’t as good as the guys we have) and restructured Wilson. I can’t even argue against the trade with Dallas. I like Brooks over Gaskin too. He’s bigger, stronger, younger, and cheaper. Still would have liked to find another offensive lineman but if what we have is better than what’s available there’s not much we can do other than work a trade out down the road.

Spok507 seems super pumped about what Vic is going to do with our defense.

I’ve said all along the best move they made was getting Fangio. I know the defense didn’t look great in preseason, but that’s not what preseason is for. I think people will be very surprised by the efficiency of this defense once it starts counting. Fangio was still assessing, playing a vanilla defense so as to keep what they had under wraps. I think they come out ready against the Chargers. The worst move? I don’t think they made any really bad ones. Maybe not addressing the Oline? But it remains to be seen whether or not they were able to improve. I hope Skylar and White are prepared if they haven’t.

Phinsfan54zt is not happy that Gaskin is now a Minnesota Viking.

Locking down Seiler is great for us. Bringing in-depth at the corner has been huge, Oline is deep with competence all over. The Wynn signing relegating Eichenberg is massive. Julian Hill looks legit. Painful: watching Gaskin go, thinking he is better than Ahmed. Need an actual backup NT. Pili aint ready and will get exposed if forced into action. Is Nelson and Agude not coming back to the PS?

21Dave is in on Fangi and Ramsey out on White but will support any and all Dolphins but damn he’s right, why him of all the available QB out there this past offseason?

The best moves hands down are Ramsey and Fangio. How it plays out we shall see. Worst move….. Signing White and not building a real OL. OL has been an ongoing issue for years. White is what he is….. below average backup signed for guaranteed money. Yes, he is familiar with this style of offense, but still not good.

dolphinfan1323 likes the addition of Berrios!

Fangio was the best move they made dumb move was making Mike McDaniel keep Josh DC last year not investing in the o-line and d-line might cost Miami this year another under the radar move is Braxton Berrios really think he is going to thrive in this offense if hill and waddle stay healthy he can be the guy Tua goes to to pick up 3rd downs and keep dives going Wes Welker type of player

Thomas23059 likes the move of no move on a big dollar tight end.

Here is my underrated move of the offseason: not spending big money on a TE. There was a lot of angst about Gesicki leaving and a lot of people wanted the Dolphins to spend a lot of money on a replacement. But here is something I bet you don’t know: For the last three seasons, if you exclude players with fewer than 10 receptions, the Miami Dolphin who caught the highest percentage of his targets was Durham Smythe. Each season.

2020 - Smythe - 26 rec on 29 targets, 89.7%, number 2 - Myles Gaskin 87.2%

2021 - Smythe - 34 rec on 41 targets, 82.9%, number 2 - Myles Gaskin - 77.8%

2022 - Smythe - 15 rec on 20 targets, 75%, number 2 - Raheem Mostert - 73.8%

For those who are wondering, Mike Gesicki’s best catch % was 65.2%. Gesicki was a better athlete, but Smythe is actually a better receiver. And those 75 catches in the last 3 seasons include 3 TDs and 35 first downs. Smythe might not be a threat to get free down the seam, but if teams drop their LBs deep to take away the intermediate middle, Smythe can get some catches underneath

dnordel is still not happy about being stripped of draft picks by Goodell, a move meant to punish the owner that only punishes the entire Miami Dolphins fanbase.

Fangio and Berrios I think will beat his old team at least once - Nice moves: Losing a 1st round draft pick because our owner is rich but not that smart in football operations -

Redwood_ is not happy that Shell was allowed to walk.

Getting Fangio and trading for Ramsey were clearly the two best moves of the offseason. Extending Sieler was a very good move. Drafting Cam Smith was an underrated move, given that CB was not an obvious need at the time. Letting Brandon Shell leave was the stupidest move.

The most popular moves seem to be bringing in Fangio to coach the defense and Ramsey to pair opposite of X despite his now stint on IR. The least popular move seems to be one the team didn’t make, getting Christian Wilkins resigned long-term. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to give their answers and comments on the question(s) of the day.

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