denver @ miami week 3 breakdown

hello i am j-man a huge broncos fan

miami is off to a great start at 2-0 with a great off and a def that makes timey plays

Denver off is much better than last season ex for a bad pass blocking OL

denver main plomem is once they get punch in the mouth they lose fouse

their def has took a step back cant get off the field on 3rd down or when they do they make a mental error

for denver to win this game they have to be prefect and hope for 2+ turnovers

they only good thing for Denver is they have nothing to lose and all the pressure will be on u guys

but @ miami in sept i like miami 31-20

QB Wilson has thown 5 td's in 2 games but will get sacked or make 3 or 4 what was that plays

RB denver deepest spot on the team all 3 rb's are good tough can catch

WR not bad here as well mims can be a playmaker by 2024 B Johnson is also growing into a good player

OL decent at run blk awful in pass pro

DL on paper a good unit but cant get off the field

LB athelic fast only care about rushing the passer can get burned for big plays

CB Matins has been very bad sutain can only cover 1 of your great wr

S Simmons has not had a big game yet Jackson is a headhunter loseing steins for the year hurt this unit bad

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