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Dolphins vs. Patriots Week 2 Sunday Night Football: Your Game Predictions

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Earlier this week I posted our weekly predictions post with the question-

“What are your predictions for this coming weekend’s game between your Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots?”

Who is going to win straight up?

What is your final score prediction win or lose?

Who do you think will be the stars of the game on both offense and defense?

What other bold prediction do you have for this week’s game?

What will you be watching for that no one else seems to be talking about?

Below are some of your game predictions-

Dolphster isn’t sure yet but does expect a close game.

Given that this is just week 2, I have no idea. I’m sure that the D is not nearly as bad as they looked last week. And I’m fairly sure the Fins OL isn’t as good as they played last week. Add in the fact that anything can happen when Miami and New England go at it, and I have zero insight into this game. I’d expect it to be a pretty close game, but other than that, no crystal ball for me this week.

Robert Burstein is concerned about the weather tomorrow evening.

I hate to say it, but it really depends on the weather. It could be a heavy rain washout kind of game where there is no vertical passing options. That doesn’t bode well for Miami.

Snook2006 doesn’t have a prediction but wants to see the D force more turnovers.

Need to force turnovers. That is Belicheats game. That and paying refs.

Yarganaught sees a lot of positives for our Miami Dolphins!

Who is going to win straight up? Miami

What is your final score prediction win or lose? 35 - 17

Who do you think will be the stars of the game on both offense and defense? Hill and Kouhu

What other bold prediction do you have for this week’s game? RB has a >100yrd game

What will you be watching for that no one else seems to be talking about? Will our Defense overcompensate vs. the Run and will the Pats be able to Pass?

THEphinz sees a victory for our Phins and a triumphant return for T-Stead!

28-14 phins. Armstead returns and helps keep.T² clean. Way too much offense to slow down the whole day and Mac and cheese looks soft and wet as always.

sdphinsfan sees a victory for the Dolphins behind the play of Craycraft, Achane, and Holland.

Division game...these are usually close and lower scoring...

Star of the Game Offense: Cracraft/Achane. BB is going to do whatever he can to negate Hill/Waddle. That’s going to create opportunities for these two and Tua seems very comfortable going to Cracraft in big moments.

Star of the Game Defense: I look for Holland to have a big night.

Nobody’s talking about: Miami’s DL. I look for CW to have a big bounce-back game. He and Seiler both.

What I’ll be watching for: How the Pats try to use Geseki. He’ll be looking to have a big game...

Score: 23-16, Dolphins.

sirdolphin doesn't think anyone can stop the Phins from scoring!

Interested to see how the defense plays the Patriots. They seemed to set out to stop the deep pass against the Chargers, who took advantage to run it repeatedly.

Mac Jones gets it out quickly, so will the defense be a bit less spread to defend the quick pass and the run?

The Eagles only sacked Jones twice, and they are pretty good.

There has only been one game so far but I wouldn’t be predicting that anyone can stop Miami scoring, which they looked like doing every drive.

MiMiami is like me, concerned with the play of our center after what we saw last week.

Ambitious score predictions are below.

1. Tua never had snapping issues at Alabama or his first 2 years in Miami. So there’s clearly an issue with... you already know who

2. The last time Miami played well on both sides of the ball and won during a primetime game was 2020 when Fitzpatrick completed 90% of his passes against JAX. TNF.

3. Sanders is the reason why we were in the playoffs last year. He also has Josh Allen syndrome from the neck up.

The NE defense is good, everyone. Miami’s D better show up.

Francesco ITA sees this as a prove-it game after beating a very good team last weekend.

Is the classic “confirmation” game. After you have beaten a strong opponent you need to confirm your elite status against a weaker one, and often those are very insidious games that can erase what good you have done until now. I think is a game we should win with the mere load of our talent, but beware of distractions and NE kept it close with a SB team. Also, we play away ...

daytonadolfan sees the Phins winning by 10 with the usual suspects playing well on offense and the defense stepping up their pass rush.

Dolphins win, 27-17, Tua’, Hill, and Waddle stars, BP, the defense gets 4 sacks, and finally looking for them to bring Brooks into the fold with some bulldozer running!

Phinsox sees Ahmed and Wilkins stepping up big time this week!

Miami wins 19-17.

Ahmed and Wilkins stand out.

Miami will not have a gain of 20 yards or better through the air.

I will be watching for someone other than Hill, Waddle, and WR3 to make plays. NE will take away the medium to deep option so Miami better be ready with 4th and 5th options on offense.

Molly Polly II thinks one of the linebackers will step up with a big play on defense.

1) Finz win

2) 30-20

3) Off: Tua, Hill, Waddle. Def: Howard, Wilkins, Phillips

4) Sanders 100% FGs

5) any LB to either score a QB sack or create a turnover!

Dolfriend sees the defense playing much better than in week one.

I am looking for the Defense to have as dominant a game as the offense had last week. We need a properly planned D strategy for this Patriots team. We need to get to the QB early and often to rattle Mac and get him into rushed throws. The Patriots D is for real and Belly is a master at D planning. If we can match their level of defensive play, our Offense can bring home another win.

Blaze453 thinks both starting wideouts will have at least 100 yards receiving.

28-17 Miami

Tua and Wilkins

Waddle and Hill over 100 yards and a TD+ each

X and if he looks old

A lot of great predictions with many that I hope come true. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us their thoughts and answers this week. We will be back next Wednesday evening with another prediction post for game three.

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