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NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Big Drops From The Top

A lot of movement in this week’s power rankings. How close are the Miami Dolphins to the top?

Week 1 has concluded for the NFL, and it was a doozy. Many top-tier teams got knocked off the mountain, and a few soared up the ranks. We have a new king at the top this week, and I didn’t think we’d see that at all this year. Some teams were exposed, and some of the biggest questions got definitive answers.

There will be a lot of movement in this week’s power rankings so strap in, and let’s go!

1. Philadelphia Eagles (2)

  • The Eagles shouldn’t be at the top after edging out a win against the Patriots, but the rest of the top 5 got knocked off so they’re here almost at default. Great team, but needs to knock the rust off and win convincingly in a good match-up against the Minnesota Vikings who also need a bounce-back game.

2. San Francisco 49ers (7)

  • I almost put the San Francisco 49ers at 1. I almost did it. Brock Purdy looks to be the real deal Holyfield, but I just need to see a wee bit more to put them over the Eagles. The roster is still stacked, and they absolutely bullied the Pittsburgh Steelers all over the field. Knocking on the door to #1.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (1)

  • Andy Reid losing week 1 isn’t something you ever hear, but it happened. Turns out, even the Baby Goat has limitations although Patrick Mahomes constantly put them in position to win. His receivers just couldn’t catch specifically Kadarius Toney. The Chiefs just got back their defensive anchor Chris Jones, and Travis Kelce’s return seems to be on the horizon so things are trending back in the right (Super Bowl) direction.

4. Miami Dolphins (6)

  • The Miami Dolphins offense put up the best performance of the weekend and got revenge against the team that “exposed Tua” last season with their press-man coverage. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, and the gang absolutely shredded The LA Chargers defense and all misconceptions about how to stop this offense. Top 3 offense in the league, but the defense got bullied on the ground all game. The dolphins’ defense did get the biggest stop to close out the game and secured a top 5 spot. Dolphins can beat anyone.

5. Dallas Cowboys (12)

  • The Dallas Cowboys defense put on a clinic, and big brothered their little brother aka the New York Giants all Sunday night. The offense didn’t do much but didn’t need to do much so low stats are expected. Big test against another top-five defense in the New York Jets although if quarterback Dak Prescott makes the right decisions and doesn’t force anything, they should be cruising to a nice 2-0 start.

6. Baltimore Ravens (5)

  • Outside of the New York Jets, the Baltimore Ravens may have the worst injury luck in the league. JK Dobbins tore his achilles, Marcus Williams tore a pec muscle, and the offensive line is banged. Luckily Lamar Jackson and company still have enough to be a top-10 team, but injuries are starting to really hurt them. Pray for their health.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars (9)

  • Calvin Ridley is already making an impact on this team and it’s developing into one of the be QB-WR combos in the league. The Jaguars edged out a tough divisional game with a QB they’ve never seen before in rookie Anthony Richardson. They might have stayed at #9 if not for elite teams having terrible showings, although the Jaguars are on the rise.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (3)

  • The most underwhelming performance award goes to Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. 14/31, 83 YDS & 0 TD is something certain quarterbacks like Tua Tagovailoa, and Dak Prescott get crucified for. Burrow is seemingly getting a pass for it, and I don’t see why. I think he rushed back too early from his calf injury, and it may plague the Bengals throughout the season if not end Burrow’s season completely. I hope I’m wrong.

9. Buffalo Bills (4)

  • Losing to the Zach Wilson-led Jets is going to be a hard pill to swallow for the Buffalo Bills. Once picked to win the division, and be a Super Bowl contender seems like a fools bet now because Josh Allen can’t get out of his own way. 39 turnovers in 19 games get most quarterbacks benched. Until he learns to stop going for the home run ball and taking big shots in the process, this team is going to keep trending downward.

10. Detroit Lions (11)

  • Once known as the team that just can’t get over the hump, the Detroit Lions and Man Campbell took out the champs on opening night. The only but I have for the game is that if the Chiefs receivers could catch a could in the Arctic, the Chiefs would’ve won. That’s without Chris Jones and Travis Kelce. Not a knock though because a win is a win, and it says 1-0 next to their record. If they can keep playing at a high level this team could eventually sneak up toward the top 5, just not there yet.

11. Cleveland Browns (14)

  • Still, one of the hardest teams to judge because Joe Burrow just didn’t look like himself. He looked like a guy who was playing on an injury, and the Browns never had to be uncomfortable in this game. Deshaun Watson started to look like his old self with his legs, but he skipped too many passes on the ground for me to be impressed. They move up for knocking off an elite team, but I’m still not sold.

12. LA Chargers (10)

  • You have to start to feel bad for Justin Herbert at this point. All he does is score 30 points, and all the defense does is give up more than that. Herbert didn’t have flashy numbers, but the ground game was so good he didn’t really need to throw. The offense is fine and will keep putting up points, but until the defense can stop a nosebleed this team will continue to trend downward.

13. Green Bay Packers (27)

  • The biggest surprise team and quarterback of the weekend goes the Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers. Love is comfortable in the system, was efficient, and had 3 tuddies on the day. He even leads the league in passer rating so far. Impressive performance all around, and exposed a team that we thought could make a playoff push in the Chicago Bears. Death, taxes, and the Packers beating the Bears.

14. New England Patriots (22)

  • I’m happy for Mac Jones. Last year was about as bad as it gets for a quarterback trying to lean on a support system. Bill O’Brien is an excellent coordinator and has helped along some great QBs. They looked really solid against the Philadelphia Eagles and had a chance to win it at the end. The Patriots are going to get teams fits this year, and are a WR1 away from being a playoff team.

15. New Orleans Saints (17)

  • Derek Carr is Derek Carr. What that means is that he’s going to put you in a position to win you games. Tough matchup against the Tennessee Titans really solid defense, and a great run game. Grind out type of game that Derek Carr does well in. This week’s matchup against the Carolina Panthers could be his breakout party. Stay tuned.

16. Las Vegas Raiders (23)

  • Wherever Jimmy Garoppolo goes he wins. In a tough divisional matchup, the Las Vegas Raiders edged out a 1-point win against the Denver Broncos who were on the preseason playoff bubble. The Raiders are still a question mark, and it feels like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, and break the Jimmy G winning narrative. We’ll get a much better feel for them after a game against the Buffalo Bills who are dying for a bounce-back win.

17. Minnesota Vikings (13)

  • By all indications, Kirk Cousins had a good game. 33/44, 344 YDS & 2 TDs should be enough to get you a win unless the defense isn’t holding up their end. The funny thing is that the defense only gave up 20 points, and that makes Kirk’s stats seem empty. You can’t put up only 17 points, and expect to beat anyone in the NFL, not even a projected tanking team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Minnesota needs to convert those stats into touchdowns or it’s going to be a long year.

18. Seattle Seahawks (15)

  • Is the Geno Smith Cinderella story over? After having a tough final stretch of 2022, Smith followed that up with a 112 YDS & 1 TD day. Scoring 13 points against one of the worst defenses in the league is telling. Not only was the offense ineffective, but the defense couldn’t stop the Rams who had multiple receivers literally nobody has ever heard of go for 100+ yards to the tune of 30 points. Seattle’s future looks desolate.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers (16)

  • Never in my life have I seen a Mike Tomlin-run Pittsburgh Steelers team look less prepared, and get bullied off of the field. The only player who did anything positive was TJ Watt who had 3 sacks, and 5 QB hits. Kenny Pickett looked like another person after getting his head bounced off the turf on the 3rd play of the year. I honestly think he was concussed, and it 100% affected his play. Hopefully, I’m wrong about the concussion, and the Steelers come out to play on Monday night because they got embarrassed.

20. Denver Broncos (20)

  • Sean Peyton’s criticism of former Broncos HC Nathaniel Hackett is already looking bad after a tough loss to the Raiders. Peyton corralled Russell Wilson and made him efficient, but that didn’t turn into points. The bottom line is that you cannot win in the NFL by scoring less than 20 points. The silver lining is that Russell had a solid game, and the Broncos can build off of that. Need to score more points though, or they’ll be at the bottom of the AFC West.

21. New York Jets (8)

  • My heart goes out to Aaron Rodgers and Jets fans. That was tough to watch. Watching Aaron Rodgers run onto the field with an American Flag on 9/11 was so awesome to see, and then tragedy struck. Aaron Rodgers tore his achilles four plays into the game and put the Jets right back where they were last year. Fantastic roster, the worst QB play in the league. I would trade for Matt Stafford, but maybe being in the same room as Rodgers has rubbed off enough on Zach Wilson to help him get to the next level, and that being an efficient game manager. If not, Wilson will be gone, and the Jets will draft a QB to back up Rodgers next year, and be the guy going forward. Can anybody say, Shedeur Sanders??

22. LA Rams (25)

  • Matt Stafford can absolutely get it done if he’s protected. This man put the team on his back, and the LA Rams smacked division rival Seattle Seahawks. Shout out to Puka Nacua, and Tutu Atwell because they might be some breakout players this year. The only problem with the Rams is that’s not going to happen most weeks. Bottom of the league roster due to going all in for a Super Bowl two years ago, and I don’t blame them. Just paying the piper as they say. All in all, it is a great divisional win, but that roster is going to sink down its level at some point. Just a waiting game.

23. Washington Commanders (24)

  • The Washington Commanders still feel like a team that is walking a balance beam and could fall either way. They could be a playoff team of Sam Howell plays well, or they could be a bottom-10 team if he doesn’t. They dropped down a spot due to nearly being better than the current worst team in the league, and the offense was mediocre at best. The silver lining here is that they could change that perception this weekend if they can produce against a respected Denver Broncos defense.

24. Chicago Bears (18)

  • I’m just going to come out and say it. Justin Fields is not a thrower. It feels like everyone said what the hole in his game was, and it just went in one ear, and right out the other. He’s a playmaker that relies entirely on his feet. If the first read isn’t there, he takes off like the road runner. It’ll work at times, but you can’t win in this league unless you can beat teams with your arm, and so far Fields can’t. The Bears defense is horrible, but he’s got playmakers on offense. No excuses not to put up points. Bears may be the worst team in the division.

25. New York Giants (19)

  • The New York Football Giants are what we thought they were, frauds. They overpaid their average QB and got absolutely exposed by the Dallas Cowboys. I love Brian Daboll as a coach, but he may have played to his ego a bit thinking that he could get the Giants to the next level with Daniel Jones as their QB. I peg them as the worst team in their division until further notice.

26. Atlanta Falcons (28)

  • Despite the win against fellow bottom-tier team Carolina Panthers, the Falcons continue to show that they’re absolutely drafting a QB in the first round next year. I don’t know how you consistently make Kyle Pitts and Drake London look pedestrian. 115 YDS will not do it in the NFL. Every week it looks more and more clear to me that quarterback Desmond Ridder is a backup, and they’re better off tanking for Caleb Williams.

27. Tennessee Titans (21)

  • This could be my most controversial ranking, and drop because this team is talented, but Ryan Tannehill was god awful. He was a better quarterback for the defense than he was for his offense. Tannehill showed his age and was the reason his team lost. When you only lose by 1 point with 3 interceptions, there’s nowhere else to look for blame. You could call it rust, and say he’s going to bounce back next game, but if he has another performance close to this, it’s going to be trending toward “start Malik Willis or Will Levis” territory.

28. Indianapolis Colts (29)

  • Despite the loss to the eventual division winner Jacksonville Jaguars, the Indianapolis Colts hung around. Anthony Richardson wasn’t bad for his first game, and the Colts went into this season knowing Richardson was raw. It’s going to take time in his development. The defense is super solid so they can win some games this year as long as Richardson can avoid taking some of the big hits he took in week 1.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32)

  • Could this be a Baker Mayfield redemption story in the works? He was efficient and brought back the swagger he had at Oklahoma and his early Cleveland days. Telling DBs to get their weight up is the Baker Mayfield I want to see, and can be the personality to get the Buccaneers back in the mix. Very intrigued with this QB, and team. Don’t sleep on them.

30. Carolina Panthers (26)

  • Completing 20/38 for 1 TD, and having 2 INTs is not a good start to the Bryce Young era. He looked and played like an inexperienced rookie. Huge difference from the talent disparity he had at Alabama. Nevertheless, franchise quarterbacks don’t grow overnight so a bad loss in week 1 in your rookie season is more of a learning experience than anything else. Onto week 2.

31. Houston Texans (30)

  • Another highly drafted rookie quarterback trying to get his footing at the highest level looked a little over his skies Sunday. CJ Stroud did make some nice throws, but to sum it up was ineffective. If all your points come from field goals then your offense has a ton to work on. Like Bryce Young, it was week 1, and the talent disparity that they’re used to takes some time to be adjusted to. Once the running game gets going with Dameon Pierce, we may see things open up a little more for Stroud, and they can get some touchdowns on the board.

32. Arizona Cardinals (31)

  • The Arizona Cardinals did play hard. Rookie head coach Jonathan Gannon had those boys ready, and they did everything that their roster talent allowed them to do. Unfortunately, without star quarterback Kyler Murray, the roster is the worst in the league. They are in the driver’s seat for the number 1 pick in the draft if Kyler Murray does not come back. The Cardinals may be in a position where it’s the best for the franchise if they can trade Kyler Murray to a team willing to give up a first-round pick for him. One team that may be desperate enough after this week is the New York Jets. Keep an eye on that.

That’s it for the NFL’s week 2 power rankings. Let us know in the comments what you agree, and disagree with.