The Heals Of Tyreek Hill

Full disclosure - this is my first article, ever! I've thought about writing one for years while combing through the many posts/comments from the Phinsider Faithful. So finally, after spending many hours between our group and opponent blogs, I decided to chime in. My hope is at least a few people decide it's worth a read, seeing how there's some great writers here, and you should know who you are. Okay, enough with my self-rant - and thanks if you're still reading. I'll save Tua for a different post, should this one gain any interest, (I stand great in humility if it doesn't) but I want to talk about the greatest game-changer in NFL history, unarguably - Tyreek Hill.

Tyreek Hill. (bold for respect) Just the name alone sounds fast, but is fast even a good enough word? Statistics are everywhere, so I wont bore you with all the numbers you see a gazillion times after each game. Sure, they're important, but watching Hill's electric presence streaming across my TV screen is more exciting than the numbers. However, if you want numbers, here's the best I can do to close out this paragraph - Early on, well before the season started, Hill was quoted saying this: "I will break 2,000 yards next year. 2,000 yards was on my bucket list to get before I leave this league. You all think Cheetah gonna leave without doing something he promised himself he was going to do as a kid? 2,000 yards and another Super Bowl. We’re getting that. Believe that."

In my last words, (see above) I said I wouldn't bore you with numbers, but if my very, extremely, basic math skills are correct, Hill's 215 yards is already over 10% of what he promised himself. And, if I am not mistaken, there's still 16 more games to play. But with all that being said, I realize it's only the first game of the season, and 200+ yard games are rare, but so are players like Tyreek Hill, and he is lightning OUT of the bottle. The only Bolts yesterday at SoFi Stadium came from the heals of Hill, and the Bolts were left... uncharged.

As tempting as it was to talk about other players, coaches, schemes, and all the Phin Fans in LA who made it feel like a home game, I chose to make this article about one receiver, Tyreek Hill. The masses can say, or feel how they want about him, or judge his character, but as a life-long Dolphin's Fan, I for one, am stoked he's on OUR team.

To all you other Phin Fans out there, exciting and special times are finally here...hope you enjoyed the read.


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