What QB of the past does Tua Remind of? Hint, he won 4 Super Bowls.

For years now, people have tried to tell us that Tua reminds them of Drew Brees, Mark Brunell, and Steve Young. Wrong!

What makes Tua great is that he is a winner? No matter what level he has played at from high school to college and now the NFL. Why do people knock him because of health concerns. They also say that he's too small and that he cannot handle a full season of football. Baloney!

The QB that he reminds me had these comments said about him when he was eligible for the 1979 NFL Draft. One scouting combine rated _______ a 6½ (out of 9). The report said: "He can thread the needle, but usually goes with his primary receiver and forces the ball to him even when he's in a crowd. He's a gutty, gambling, cocky type. Doesn't have great tools but could eventually start."

Phil Simms (Giants), Steve Fuller (Chiefs) and Jack Thompson (Bengals) were selected ahead of him.

Of course, I'm referring to Joe Montana. Montana like Tua doesn't have the howitzer arm like Elway, Fouts, Kelly or Marino. But what he had was the intangibles. It's ironic that he played for the SF 49ers since we are now the 49ers of the Southeast. In fact, if Bill Walsh was alive today, I believe that he would love Tua to be his QB. Tua's vision is unparalleled in today's game. You cannot know what is in a man's heart nor his desire to compete. Being a professional athlete takes commitment and unbelievable belief in yourself. Tua has those same qualities.

The debate about should we have taken Herbert instead of Tua is no longer relevant. Herbert as a kid wanted to play for the Chargers. In fact, as a 7-year-old, he wrote a paper saying he would be the QB of the Los Angeles Chargers. All of the QBs who were taken in the 2020 draft fit their team cultures beautifully. The 2020 draft has to go down as the best draft for QBs this century when you consider Burrow, Tua, Herbert, and Hurts. The NFL couldn't be happier.

Go Fins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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