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Dolphins Under-The-Radar Additions That Can Make The Biggest Impact In 2023

NFL: OCT 25 Dolphins at Texans Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last week I asked the question, “With the idea that there might be an under-the-radar player that you are aware of but that we, the rest of the fan base, and the media are unaware of, which player if any do you see as the overlooked guy that might not only wind up contributing to the team this season but may also be more than just a contributor but the kind of player that makes a real difference when it comes to wins vs. losses?”

Below are some of your answers as well as your thoughts on the question-

jmworacle compared a secret player to a former Miami Dolphins great who played defensive end.

Who knows, maybe the Dolphins have found a modern-day Manny Fernandez...

daytonadolfan actually named a player that a lot of people are actually talking about. #oldpeople

Achane is gonna be good, book it! lol, Evening peeps!

DolfaninME is still waiting on that name to emerge.

The backup nose tackle spot is wide open for someone to step up and take it. Davis will need a break from time to time

Sinjin830 cited the guy that I posted in the question post, Brandon Pili!

How about the guy in the picture? Pili, I think is his name. I’ve heard some good things about him.

finfanfromsiam is in agreement with Sinjin830.

Evening! Yes, Pili I agree.

Blaze453 thinks that DeShon Elliott might be the guy that gives the team more than most of the fans are talking about.

Elliot: as a third safety, and you will have plenty of significant opportunities to contribute. That includes starting with an Jones or Holland might get Nick up

Elzabar1527 has a solid, solid list of players to keep an eye on as well as some very thoughtful commentary on each!

With underrated I take that as UDFA or fringe players, so here is my list that flashed from week 1 so far: 1. Brandon Pili. He pancaked Mostert and got a telling-off from coaches for his overzealous play. 2. Kendall Lam. He pretty much secured the rotating tackle role. Forcing Wynn and Ogbuehi to seek refuge at Guard or take the starting RT job. 3. Aubrey Miller Jr. Though not as fluid but moved faster than Elandon Roberts. IDK if he makes the roster due to the numbers game of 53-man but he definitely has a PS spot. I hope nobody snatches him. 4. Elijah Campbell. The movement of roster spots for safety depth is definitely due to him being tested if he can land on the 53-man roster. His ST value will be a deciding factor.

Once again the Phinsider faithful had some solid insight into what's actually happening to the team's roster. As always I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to not only read the post each day but also add their input. I can’t do these posts without you!

If you would like to join in on the conversations where we highlight some of our favorite comments (and even some that I disagree with) be sure to sign up for a Phinsider account. The questions post will be posted during the week with the follow-up post coming every Saturday evening as well as other random evenings.