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The Phinsider Faithful Hope For A Dominant Miami Dolphins Defense!

SPORTS-DOLPHINS-HAVE-SEEN-49ERS-OFFENSE-1-MI David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Most football fans have their preference as to offense or defense and by that I mean they have one side of the ball that they would prefer their team to be the most dominant at. Miami Dolphins fans are no different and we have all seen both the offense and the defense be dominant in the past but unfortunately we have not seen both be dominant at the same time very often since the glory days of the 1970s.

I personally have always preferred to be dominant on defense the way the Baltimore Ravens were during their period of being really good. Its hard to lose when you don’t allow the other side to score much and your defense can often score enough on their own to win the day. Although I would still prefer a dominant defense I think with the way the NFL has evolved to the point that offenses are so much harder to stop in general that the days of truly dominant defenses are past us, at least for the next several years.

Last week I asked the question about the same subject, “If your 2023 Miami Dolphins could be more dominant a team on offense or defense this coming season which would you prefer and why?”

Below are some of your answers and comments-

Bill Moody is a fan of a good field goal!

Lets go Special Teams! I could really use a Tony Sparano Field Goal Fist Pump Gif!!!

SuperG! obliged!

Here you go...

Alpha6 didn’t answer my question, probably because he hates conformity, but he did make a solid point.

Usually the defense is ahead in training/practice camp. But this August it could prove to be a little more even.

Spok507 loves some Fangio. I suspect by the time this season gets rolling we all will!

“If the few practices that the team has had during training camp thus far are any indication the new hire (Fangio) was a genius move for the team and the defense has been flat-out dominant at times thus far.” The moment I heard they were hiring Fangio, I got excited. As much as the offense thrilled last season, and as much as I love having players like Hill and Waddle and Holland and Ramsey, to me, if you don’t have the quality at the top, it’s not going to work. McDaniel was a big step forward and I hope he remains at the helm for a long time. But Boyer was a Flores flunkie and left-over; he definitely wasn’t the answer. Knowing McD was kind of forced to keep him last season was annoying, but he finally got the DC he wanted all along. Fangio is the real deal. A DC who can plan, implement and adjust a defense to its fullest potential. I’m very excited for this defense. The offense has shown they can score points, but with Fangio directing, this defense will be able to shut down opposing offenses and secure games. So despite the high flying aspects of McDaniel’s offense, I believe Fangio’s defense will be the real kicker that propels them to and through the playoffs.

Blaze453 believes that defense is going to be good to great!

What do you be once? Accuracy and anticipation office will be top three in yards, points, and third down efficiency. The defense is going to be top five overall. top three in points allowed, top five in yards allowed, and number one red zone efficiency

phyrmun is a believer in the old axiom about defense!

Defense wins championships. There, I said it.

TheRoo1 seems to prefer both.

Best case scenario,,,,, Which unit is seen as best, should depend on which unit is on the field when the question is asked. Let them both wreck havoc.

dolphinfan1323 doesn’t seem to have a preference either but believes the defense is going to be the more dominant side of the ball for the Phins.

Defense has more talent than the offense and has one of the best defensive coordinator in the game to bad to bad JR hurt his knee

daytonadolfan wants it all!!!

Can’t we just have both?? I mean for once in what seems like forever, can we be dominant on both sides of the ball? I’m not asking for much, am I?

sdphinsfan is on board with defense!

I don’t really go along with the narrative that our Offense was dominant. It had some good games against middling teams. Thats not dominant. Against good Defenses, it was...meh. The Chiefs Offense is dominant. It performs well against all Defenses...good, middling, bad. As for my preference, I’d prefer to dominant on Defense. You have to be good on both to really contend, but considering who we have to go through to even get to the SB, I think our chances are better if we’re more stout on D.

Phinsox places another check in the defense column.

Defense, because as much as I’d like to see the Offense rack up the points, I would like to see more defensive stops and turnovers. Defense doesn’t win championships by itself anymore but you are better off slowing down the likes of the Chiefs, Bills, and Bengals than outscoring them. Especially in KC, Buffalo, or Cincy in January.

Matt in PSL prefers a dominant offense bolsterd by a solid rushing attack.

If I had to pick I would say I’d prefer an offense with a solid ground attack that eats clock and keeps our defense fresh. Then when our fresh D does see the field, they can pin their ears back and also be dominant

Louie the lobster besides having one of the best screen names is on board with the defense!

Gota love me some Defense.

dedstrk316 is yet another vote for defense!

If I pick offense that means Tua will be healthy all season, MMD has overcome his problems of getting plays in, and everybody Armstead and the Oline have stayed healthy and performed well. If I pick defense that means that Fangs has done what we all expect him to do, JP and the gang have leveled up, and we have been stopping people in their tracks. I’ll pick defense because I think our offense can do enough to win games even if Tua is out or the oline doesn’t perform great, if we have a dominant defense that can stop other teams offense and make life difficult for them.

Dolfanjoe thinks both sides of the ball need to be dominant if the team does not want to see a “very disappointed fan base”.

This will come down to which side stays healthier. And i dam sure will not say (If Tua stays healthy) yea it has been done to death ! Hell we have put in a week and lost our top CB ! Wont be back until Dec. I truly believe our offense will dominate the first half of the season, but if healthy our defense gelling together could very well become a top 5 in the league. So what the hell did i just say? Well dam they better both be good or we are going to be a very disappointed fan base!

CJT13 is another fan that prefers to roll with both!

I know you ask to pick the offense or the defense but why not pick both? They have the players on both sides of the ball so why not both? Why should we expect anything less? I was a little down when Ramsey got hurt but now I’m back in the I can’t wait for the season to start mode! My pity party is over. Now please everyone else make it through training camp healthy!

Elzabar1527 is going with defense.

I would say, if we were to have anything in terms of “dominate”, it would have to be Defense. We pretty much filled all our holes (getting Ramsey and Long Jr, drafting Cam Smith, even getting Pilli as UDFA) in defense. I can’t say I am confident in our OL. WRs are good. TEs are passable, not dominating. RBs are great.

Well it seems like most of the fans, at least on this site, prefer a more dominant defense with a few choosing offense and a few saying the team needs to be dominant on both sides of the ball. Thank you as always to everyone that took the time to comment on the question!

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