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Now that the dust has settled...

Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

While football fans all live for the actual football season the offseason can be just as much drama, especially if you are a Miami Dolphins fan. While it’s exciting that our present GM Chris Grier likes to move players and picks on the way to this or that trade, big or small, as much as any other GM in the NFL, it’s also quite stressful at times for our fans. Miami Dolphins X (formally Twitter) is one of the craziest groups of fans anywhere even when no moves are anticipated. Throw in a possible signing of a star player or a trade for a big name and “Katie bar the door” but now is the time that all of that is finally behind us, for a few months anyway. Sure, there are still possibly going to be some other minor moves, and maybe, at least with this team a trade, the offseason is behind us and we can all collectively look forward to the regular season.

So tonight’s question of the day is now that the 2023 roster for our Miami Dolphins is set what moves that the team made this offseason do you think were genius? Which of the moves was the dumbest thing that you have ever seen? Is there a move that they should have made that they didn’t or just decided not to make that they should have in your opinion?

Please give us your answers and thoughts on the question of the day in the comments section below-