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Dolphins-Colts trade for Jonathan Taylor could come down to the wire

Get it done, Chris Grier!

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

I know you’re probably sick of hearing it by now, but the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts continue to discuss a trade that would send the #elite 24-year-old running back to South Florida.

The latest on the Jonathan Taylor saga comes via ESPN’s Colts’ beat writer Stephen Holder and, of course, the GOAT Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. First, let’s check out how everyone feels on the Colts' side of things.

Translation: We want a team to give us as close to our first-round value as we seek. Letting the Dolphins know they are the only team bidding for Taylor (even if they haven’t offered a first-round pick) is of no importance to the Colts — so even if there isn’t another team involved, they should make the entire world think there is.

BUT — it’s hard for me to believe that NO other team in football has an interest in Taylor. He is a premier back, and despite most of the league devaluing the position, he’s one of the few worth the investment. Will a deal get done? I’m not so sure, but it wouldn’t be for Miami’s lack of trying.

Earlier in the week, Barry Jackson reported that the Colts already turned down a reasonable offer from the Dolphins but that the two sides would continue to talk. Now, he’s saying that Miami has sent several trade packages to Indianapolis — over the last few days — but with wildcard Jim Irsay in the picture, plenty of uncertainty remains.

Taylor seeks a long-term deal to pay him top money at the running back position. Currently, the top highest-paid running backs in football (average per year) are Christian McCaffrey ($16M per season), Alvin Kamara ($15M), Derrick Henry ($12.5M), Nick Chubb ($12.2M), and Aaron Jones ($11.5M).

During his three seasons with the Colts, Taylor has carried the ball 756 times for 3,841 yards (5.1 yards per carry) and 33 touchdowns. Could you imagine what a running back like that could bring to Mike McDaniel’s offense with all the other weapons?! The simplest thing to compare it to is Thanos adding the final infinity stone to his gauntlet. I need it!

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The latest from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport…

Get a deal done, Chris Grier!

Do you think a Jonathan Taylor trade gets done by Jim Irsay’s Tuesday deadline? What do you think the final trade will look like for the Dolphins? Do you think Taylor is the difference between a wildcard win and a Super Bowl appearance? Let us know in the comments section below!