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The Phinsider faithful give their thoughts on trading for Jonathan Taylor

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Last week I discussed the situation surrounding Jonathan Taylor and how the Miami Dolphins were looking to trade for the star Indianapolis Colts running back. As I write this post I realize that there is the possibility that the news that we have either traded for Taylor or decided to move forward without him may break before this auto posts but it is what it is. So last week's question was, “Should our Miami Dolphins go ahead and pull the trigger on a trade for Jonathan Taylor? If your answer is yes what is your limit on compensation to be sent back to the Colts (the Colts are rumored to want at least a first-round pick)?”

Below are some of your answers and thoughts on the subject-

Dolfan88 is tired of every free star player being rumored to be on his way to the 305!

I’ve lost track if how many sure things the media and fans said were coming to the Fins, D Watson, Lamar Jackson, Cook, Rogers, now Taylor,..... and the list goes on and on. Why don’t we wait till the team makes the announcement before we get all hyped up?

daytonadolfan is happy with the roster how it is!

Evening, and we got enough. No sense rocking the boat at this late date.

scrwal has some thoughts on Wilkins and is in on adding a solid young talent to the roster!

What is the time frame for success? If it is the next two years then Wilkins plays on the 5th year extension and gets franchise tagged the following year. Will this upset him, probably, but we won’t be tied into a long-term deal and if there is no success then there would be another reset if we win the Superbowl would Wilkins walk if he was given a sensible deal in two years' time? Getting a young good back improves the chance of success so if the cost of the contract and draft picks/ players traded are acceptable then you seal the deal now.

Molly Polly II thinks that we need to extend Wilkins before going all in on another offensive weapon.

Not convinced Taylor is a player we need to pursue especially when we have not resigned Wilkins. In my opinion, if we were going to pursue a trade it would be the OL position. . With that said I must admit, from what I’m seeing in preseason our Oline playing better than in the past….so maybe the coaches feel secure with the current roster. The topic is Taylor, we simply don’t have a need for him. Our Oline sets the tone we have great players to get the JOB DONE!

jmworacle is, I assume, stating the same thing as Molly Polly II about Wilkins.

Take care of your own.

Elzabar1527 is on the no bus!

I voted no for the following reasons: 1. JT wants out of Indy cause he wants a bag. How can we even afford him when we can’t even pay Wilkins or Williams? It would set a bad precedence and bucking a trend that has so far been avoided. No team wants to pay huge money for an RB when we can get the same results from the committee in Ahmed, Gaskins, and Brooks. 2. We already have a full stable of reliable quality RBs. We already struggle to decide who we are gonna drop. We didn’t overreach for Cook why should we do it for JT? Getting JT is similar to leaving your stable wife and kids to live with an expensive ‘ho. 3. Why trade away valuable assets that we painstakingly acquired for a nice to have? Does Indy really want CW and/or Ahmed and Gaskins in exchange for JT?

Blaze453 thinks that he might cost too much but would make the roster better.

Taylor would definitely make us better. If it was a one-year rental at the cost of say, Cedrick Wilson and Jeff Wilson, I’m all in. If it’s given to drop compensation, no. What everybody needs to understand is if we make a trade giving up significant compensation the only way it would be worth it is if we could extend him at a reasonable cost compared to the current state of the RB market, but having been put on the franchise tag the time limit to extend him has passed. This means you cannot extend him until, I believe the start of the 2024 NFL year. So we take the risk (and give him all the leverage (considering the compensation given in trade)) that he will not extend or we will have to overpay considering the current state of the RB market.

62Lou says yes and has a couple of other words about things.

Wilkins is a great player and deserves a new contract...BUT... He has NOT moved the “playoff win” needle ONE LITTLE bit. I say go get RB Taylor - If you can get him for a second round and no more than 12 million per year. Make Wilkins wait until next year when you get rid of Ogbah, Baker, the kicker, Ced Wilson, and maybe X Howard. DO YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY WIN A SB ? Because this roster IS NOT A TOP 5 like some have said. RB Taylor would give us a HUGE advantage paired with our speed at WR and slightly above-average QB...In December when you need to run the dam ball on 3rd and 2 - Taylor gets it done... our current backs are a little above average that’s all. TAYLOR is 24 people...In 3 years he rushed for 3,841 yards at 5.1 yards per carry (missing 6 games last year). He has caught 104 balls for another 802 yards... In his big year 1,811 yards rushing before last year's injury. The guy is a TOP PRO BOWL RB. He adds power to this offense at 226 pounds with speed (ran 4:40, and 4:41 at the combine) He would take all the pressure off Tua and open up the offense to another level. Lastly - Quit thinking the current Offense Is Super Bowl ready - IT IS NOT. We had the 25th rush offense in the league ...and only scored 23.4 points per game...That will NOT win a SB. But playing the -Bengals, Chiefs, Bills, or Ravens, in a close playoff game, TAYLOR can put the game away running in the 4th...He would give us the BEST RB of those playoff contenders - paired with the BEST WR...! Don’t kid yourself - Tua can not beat all of those QBs without more help. You have to beat at least 2 to get to the SB.

TheRoo1 is in on sending some players and picks for a guy that is still in his prime.

Would not say NO, If he is determined to move on from Indy, and they have accepted the need, a trade could be possible. Looking at Indy’s needs, they signed Kenyan Drake and Zack Moss as JT’s backups. Wilson would become their #1. Pittman is a good WR, but after him, they have McKenzie or Breshard Perriman as the #2, C Wilson arguably would be a step up from either, and give their Rookie QB some savvy help in his year one. With a 4th or even 5th draft pick thrown in, and knowing they will lose JT next year, this becomes a good move for them. And if for $10-$14 mill we get two top years from JT for only a little more than what the Wilsons would cost us,

Dwadeshouse is another no!

No for me. I don't want to give up a 1st or 2nd and pay an RB circa $15M pa. Taylor would have all the leverage once you trade a high pick. If it could be done for a fringe player and a mid-round pick, I would gladly change my mind, but I don't see why Indy would do that. Fwiw, if you are willing to give up a 1st or 2nd and circa $15M a year. I'd go get the best LG or RT that money could buy. Our RBs are good enough if you create the gaps and commit to the run more often and keeping Tua healthy is evidently our best chance of winning anyway.

Well, we don't all agree but that’s what drives this site, debate! Thank you as always to everyone that took the time to answer the question and give us their thoughts.

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