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Who are your standouts in the Miami Dolphins' 2nd preseason game?

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

A little over a week ago our Miami Dolphins faced off against the Atlanta Falcons in their first preseason game of 2023. By any measure, the team looked terrible across the board with a few exceptions. A week and a day later, instead of scoring only three points, the Phins held the Houston Texans to only three points on their way to a solid 28 to 3 victory. The team also did what they have rarely done in recent years and played very solid on both sides of the ball on their way to victory.

So tonight’s question of the day is who surprised you in this past weekend's game against the Texans? Which player or players did you feel played up to a level that you have either been waiting to see or that you perhaps never expected to see and they just flat-out surprised you with their quality of play or consistent play in Saturday's game?

Please give us your answers and thoughts in the comments section below-