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The Miami Dolphins Off-Season Addition Nobody Is Talking About?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 26 Notre Dame at USC Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This past offseason our Miami Dolphins, like every other NFL team, did their best, within the salary cap confines, to add players to the roster either via the draft or via the signings of free agents to fill holes on the roster. There were some notable names added to the roster this offseason. There were also those additions that were either totally overlooked or just looked at as a “meh” signing that is probably nothing more than a camp body.

The thing that gets overlooked in these additions is the fact that every now and then an overlooked player, be it a minor free agent signing, a late-round draft pick, or an undrafted free agent there is that one player that for whatever reason is way more underrated than he should have been. Sometimes these guys can not only wind up making the 53-man roster but can also work their way into a contributing role and can at times also break into the starting lineup.

With the idea that there might be an under-the-radar player that you are aware of but that we, the rest of the fan base, and the media are unaware of, which player if any do you see as the overlooked guy that might not only wind up contributing to the team this season but may also be more than just a contributor but the kind of player that makes a real difference when it comes to wins vs. losses?

Please give us your answers and thoughts in the comments section below-