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Which Miami Dolphins must go before 2024?

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Bryan Cereijo/Getty Images

While both the media and the fan base seem to be very high on the 2023 version of the Miami Dolphins the 2024 version might be a different story. Why you ask? Well, there is zero chance that the 2024 version of the team will look like the 2023 version of the team. To begin with, the team is already $32,451,390 (before any rollover cap space from 2023 is subtracted from that number) over the 2024 projected cap number. This is of course before the team re-ups Christian Wilkins whose contract ends at the end of the 2023 season. The two sides are reportedly working on a new deal but they are also reportedly around 2 million dollars a year apart on the final numbers at this point.

Beyond Wilkins, the other players needing a new deal include Conner Williams (who they may wish to move on from due to a holdout earlier this offseason), Austin Jackson (who must cement some value this season to earn a new deal), Robert Hunt, Alec Ingold, Noah Igbinoghene (who might just be flashing in time to earn a new deal), Braxton Berrios (has impressed in camp thus far), Dan Freeny, Zach Sieler, Brandon Jones, Andrew Van Ginkel, Isaiah Wynn, Raekwon Davis, DeShon Elliot, Eric Suabert, Eli Apple, Nik Needham, Jake Bailey, Blake Ferguson, and Kendall Lamm among others.

While the list of players whose contracts will expire at the end of the season includes some players that no one will miss and many others that were intentionally signed to one-year deals there are also players that are starters and key pieces on the current roster that will have to resigned or replaced. No matter how you look at it there is going to be a serious reckoning on the financial side of things for the Dolphins next offseason. The team is not going to be able to get under the cap and retain some key pieces on the team by just reworking more contracts to kick the money can down the road again without it eventually catching up to them.

So now the question is who needs to be gone? Who can they possibly trade in the offseason to both give the team cap relief and recover some draft picks to help replace some players that will be lost or that need to be cut to save cap space? Who needs to just be let go no matter what for cap relief? You can look HERE to see all of the 2024 players under contract and use their site tools to play with various scenarios such as cutting pre or post-June 1st, trading pre or post-June 1st, and restructuring or extending the player.

So please give us your thoughts and answers in the comments section on who should be cut or traded next offseason to recover as much cap space as possible and who you see as must re-signings by the team by 2024-