Ranking the Miami Dolphins' 2023 Schedule by Degree of Difficulty

Although we were already aware of the Miami Dolphins opponents and locations, unveiling the 2023 regular season schedule added another dimension to the complexity. For instance, it's undeniable that the road matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs became somewhat less formidable due to its location in Frankfurt, Germany, as opposed to the traditional Arrowhead Stadium setting. Similarly, the timing of the game at Buffalo, set for Week 4, is more advantageous compared to the scheduling last December.

The 2023 Miami Dolphins schedule presents various challenges in terms of opponent strength and timing. Here's a breakdown of their games ranked by difficulty:

Philadelphia, Oct. 22, Week 7

The Dolphins face the defending NFC champion Eagles on Sunday night. Any road prime-time game is tough, and the Eagles' depth adds to the challenge. The Tua vs. Jalen Hurts matchup spices things up.

At Buffalo, Oct. 1, Week 4

Beating the Bills is crucial for AFC East contenders. Facing Josh Allen in Buffalo is always formidable. Though the Dolphins came close in the past, the Bills remain strong.

Kansas City (Frankfurt, Germany), Nov. 5, Week 9

While dealing with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs is daunting, the neutral site benefits the Dolphins, likely with strong fan support. Mahomes, Kelce, and co. pose a huge challenge. The venue presents an even better platform for global attention, and NFL betting is only going to bet bigger. Check more at Thesportsgeek for the best NFL betting sites.

Buffalo, Jan. 6-7, Week 18

This game might decide the AFC East winner or impact playoff seeding. A major challenge to end the season on a high note.

N.Y. Jets, Nov. 24, Week 12

The addition of Aaron Rodgers makes the Jets dangerous. An intriguing Black Friday matchup with a charged atmosphere.

Baltimore, Dec. 31, Week 17

Last season's exciting Dolphins-Ravens game showcased Lamar Jackson's prowess. The Dolphins' improved defense might handle him better, but Baltimore's strong defense poses its own challenge.

New England, Sept. 17, Week 2

Despite a lower standing, the Patriots remain a tricky customer due to their history. The night game factor should favor them.

L.A. Chargers, Sept. 10, Week 1

The Chargers possess talent but have underachieved historically. Dolphins fans' strong presence at SoFi Stadium lessens the challenge.

N.Y. Jets, Dec. 17, Week 15

Expecting the Jets in the playoff race makes this matchup significant. Similar to the Black Friday game, the challenge is notable.

Dallas, Dec. 24, Week 16

The Cowboys enter with hype, but their performance often varies. Marquee players like Parsons and Lamb could pose problems.

N.Y. Giants, Oct. 8, Week 5

The Giants' performance last season left us uncertain about their true potential. They seemed like overachievers, making this matchup intriguing.

Tennessee, Dec. 11, Week 14

The Titans, traditionally strong in the AFC, are a question mark due to past injuries. The game's Monday night setting adds to the drama, especially considering Ryan Tannehill's role.

Washington, Dec. 3, Week 13

This road game seems less challenging as Washington's young quarterback, Sam Howell, is projected to start. A potential advantage for the Dolphins.

New England, Oct. 29, Week 8

This home game against the Patriots lacks the early-season heat and home-field advantage. A different dynamic from a September matchup.

Las Vegas, Nov. 19, Week 11

Uncertainty looms over Jimmy Garoppolo's status for the Raiders due to injuries. The Raiders' unpredictable nature makes this matchup a mystery.

Denver, Sept. 24, Week 3

September home games favor the Dolphins historically. Although the Broncos have potential under Sean Payton, the Dolphins seem to have an advantage.

Carolina, Oct. 15, Week 6

The Panthers' quarterback situation, with Andy Dalton and potential rookie Bryce Young, adds intrigue. Regardless, the Dolphins appear favored in this matchup.

In essence, the Dolphins' 2023 schedule features a mix of tough opponents and key matchups in terms of team strength and game timing. Check out the full NFL fixture for 2023 here.

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