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How can Tua shift the narrative with some Miami Dolphins fans?

NFL: NOV 27 Texans at Dolphins Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One thing that is as sure as death and taxes in this world is that no matter what the team does some Miami Dolphins fans just will never think some players are good enough. That almost rule with this team especially applies to the quarterback position. Some of the expectations for any quarterback to ever play for this team will always be not only high but in some cases unrealistic.

From 1967 to 1980 the team was helmed by hall of fame quarterback Bob Griese. Griese also took the team to three Super Bowls (with the help of another former Dolphin great Earl Morrall) helping them win two, back-to-back. Three seasons after Griese retired to the broadcasting booth the Miami Dolphins drafted Dan Marino. Marino went on to helm the team at quarterback for 17 straight seasons, taking the team to another Superbowl while also setting numerous NFL records and earning a mountain of awards on his way to being the second Dolphins QB to be elected to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

Now, after seeing the team struggle to find a solid replacement for Marino, for nearly two decades, the Dolphins drafted one Tua Tagovailoa. Despite Tua looking much better last season than many ever thought they would see out of him, minus of course the injury incidents, there are still those that think Tua is a waste of a draft pick and that the team should move on from yet another quarterback sooner than later. Clearly, the team is sticking with Tua, believing that he is in fact the answer to a long-time question. This could all change of course but for now, it looks like Tagovailoa is here to stay.

So tonight’s question is what would Tua Tagovailoa have to do this upcoming season to get the naysayers to get behind him? Is it tied to his overall play or the team's overall record?

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