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Phinsider Faithful’s Top 5 Miami Dolphins Defensive Players

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Last week I posed the question, “What are the five best defensive players or just the five defensive players that you would select from the Miami Dolphins’ current roster to start your new version of the team with if you had to choose?

Below are some of your thought and answers-

Spok507 had a hard time picking just five given the level of talent currently on our defense.

Wilkins, Holland, Ramsey, Phillips, and Chubb with Howard, Kahou, Sieler, Van Ginkle, and Long right behind. There’s a lot of talent on this defense!

NCSurferMike chose a solid core!

Not in order: Wilkins; Philips; X; Holland; Ramsey (when he is back)

dolphinfan4lyfe decided to roll with our best ;”young” players.

Jevon Holland 23 years old; Deshon Elliot 26 years old; Cam Smith 22 years old; Jaelan Phillips 24 years old; Kader Kohou 24 years old Are there better players on the roster? Yes. But they are all closer to 30 than they are closer to 20. The older the players I am building around are, the sooner I have to replace them in the lineup as well. That being said, this lineup gives me a lot of potential, with a lot of youth. It also gives me a good Secondary to build in front of while already possessing an up-and-coming pass rusher as well.

holland182.0 likes Holland and some other guys. I am shocked!

1 - Holland; 2 - Wilkins; 3 - Seiler; 4 - Howard; 5 - Holland

Mcsarch chose some solid pieces to build with.

- Holland; - Wilkins; - Phillips; - Ramsey; - Chubb

Alpha6 also chose mostly the usual suspects.

Wilkins; Chubb; Van Ginkel; Howard; Holland

Blaze453 has a few things to say!

1) Christian Wilkins: is my tone, setter, my leader, and culture maker. In today’s NFL, the game is one loss between the hashes in the middle of the field, and Christian is as good as any at his position when you take everything into consideration. 2) Jaelan Phillips: you have to have a pass rusher in the sky’s the limit for Phillips. He’s definitely a core player for this team that I am building. 3) Jevon, Holland: you have to have that back in leader/communicator and he’s as good as it gets in the back in the middle of the field. He like Jalen Phillips I put my job on the line as these guys are going to be at or near all pro level. 4) Kader K.: I’m gonna roll the dice on the Young corner (of course, with Fang's approval) I need a corner in this game who is young as the on and off-field football character has three more years on his contract, and big time potential as a versatile corner that can play inside or out 5) Raekwon Davis: this is where it gets tough you have Bradley Chubb, Zach Sieler, Jalen Ramsey if he hadn’t got injured probably would’ve been a choice, cam Smith so there was a number of guys to choose from, and I think my second choice would’ve been Cam Smith. I went with Raekwon Davis because again the middle of the field is where games and won and lost. I need that guy in the middle and I also believe that he has much more untapped potential and ability up and down the defensive line. That Flores has never taken a vantage of but I think we’re going to see that this year with Vic Fangio. I went with him as a core player over Zach S. because he more than likely will cost less than half of what Zack would. As you can see, all five defensive players, unlike in the Office of sign are going to be core players to build around. On the office of size, a ball with Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, and possibly Terron Armstead I am going to use to acquire the draft capital needed and salary cap relief to build this team properly to wear in year three or four I can have everything in place to be a true contender and a long time consistent winner. In fact, this is pretty much a Chris Grier build this team that we have right now.

daytonadolfan is in with most of the site on his list.

Evening, Wilkins, Seiler, Holland, Howard, Ramsey!

TommyNascar went with some slightly older vets and youth.

Wilkens; Howard; Ramsey; Holland; Phillips

glen55 is in on the trend!

1 Wilkins; 2 Ramsey; 3 Phillips; 4 X; 5 Holland

finfanfromsiam aka Clark finishes us up this evening with more of the usual suspects and Kohou!

Wilkins, Holland, Phillips, Kader, Seiler.

There was again quite a bit of consensus with nearly everyone picking certain players. Thank you to everyone that took the time to again answer the question and add your other thoughts to the comments.

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