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Phinsider Faithful’s Top 5 Miami Dolphins Offensive Players

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Last week I posed the question, “What are the five best offensive players or just the five offensive players that you would select from the Miami Dolphins’ current roster to start your new version of the team with if you had to choose?

Below are some of your thoughts and answers-

Blaze453 gave us solid answers and also a post within a post. Blaze knows what effort looks like!

I did as you’re rebuilding the team, so these five players are not only core guys. They are also capital. 1) Tyreek Hill: he says he only wants to play two more years and he feels he’s got enough to get in the Hall of Fame. This is why he’s pushing for the 2000-yard season. They say he got a 2000-yard season the following year he puts out another 1500. He probably is a Hall of Fame player and leave the game like Barry Sanders at the top with a boatload of money so I want to push Tua Tagovailoa‘s value high before he has to be paid so I’m gonna keep him this year and trade him the following year while he still has two years left on his contract and his at the top of his game 2) Tua Tagovailoa: I want to get his value up as high as I can and if he can stay healthy to the year and play too well we all believe you can there’s a boatload of draft capital I’m going to target one of the top two teams, as there are two potential franchise quarterback’s coming up in the draft 3) Jaylen Waddle: was a core player. Young has three years left on his contract with the fifth-year option a true number one leading wide receiver. 4) Robert Hunt; a young stud, OL man that I can build my office of line around and to extend him and re-up him as a guard is cheaper than most other positions 5) Terron Armstead: won the best left tackles in the game is older, but he’s on an extremely reasonable contract with four years remaining at 15 mil per in another year or two even right now that is a huge bargain. On that contract next year with three years remaining if he’s relatively healthy 15 games plus play here’s another guy that can get you a boatload, but I have no problem even at his age of keeping him as a core player. Tua Tagovailoa I can keep him with his fifth-year option in a franchise tag for three more years that’s it if he performs as I expect that he will be putting himself in that top-five quarterback range at his age. I can be picky and where I could trade him. What I would be looking to do is to trade for number one number two pick in the draft, any year that I see a franchise quarterback. If I am unable to get one of those top pics with all the quarterbacks that have been drafted in the last couple of years and with the quality that’s out there that I am sure I will find a team like the Bears that will trade out of that pig for a boatload which I can get in trading Tua Tagovailoa. Tyreek Hill if he gets anywhere near the 2000-yard mark this coming year and he helps propel Tua Tagovailoa into that all-pro type status. A team with a young quarterback will be willing to give me as much or more than what we gave up to Kansas City. Depending on what I see in the draft and what I could get for Terron Armstead again if things fell right this year with his contract, be able to get up 1st+ for him. At the same time, I would have no problem, keeping him for the remainder of his contract at 15 mill per. So basically, I should have Robert Hunt and Jaylen Waddle as shoot-for players on offense, along with anywhere from 5th to 6th round draft picks plus if everything went my way. I mean look at what Russell Wilson, Watson got a magnet and draft capital and players, and they are older, and like Tua Tagovailoa needed to be extended with a large contract, and sure enough Denver in Cleveland pays the price bowls and salary cap hit and capital

holland182.0 rolls with more of the usual suspects.

1 - Waddle; 2 - Hill; 3 - Armstead; 4 - Hunt; 5 - And of course to top it all off at the most important position...I will select...Durham Smythe

Dave21 was tricked into answering the question.

Well, this is a trick question, cause if I was rebuilding this team, everyone on the offense would be traded for picks. Like Tua and Waddle but if I’m rebuilding I know I can get a haul for Waddle since he is under a rookie deal, Tua will bring a 1st as well, Hill I would trade for a haul as well and be happy he is off my books. Now I have a ton of draft capital and I would start from there. If money wasn’t an option in this dream I would keep those 3 maybe Armstead and …….. Mosert is a clean quiet guy. Yes, he is older but I’m rebuilding so who cares.

TheRoo1 is just here for the anarchy!

Hill and Waddle; Armstead and Williams; And just to watch some heads explode...Tua

sdphinsfan is a rebel!

Thompson; Feeney; Wynn; Berrios; Hill I know this is a “build around” question. But all of our star Offensive players with the exception of Hill miss too many games for me to want to build too much around them. However, I can survive and advance if I’ve got good enough depth...

daytonadolfan is the practical grandfather type!

Waddle, Hill, Mostert, Smythe, And last but not least...Tua!

glen55 with another usual suspects list.

1. Tua; 2. Waddle; 3. Hill; 4. Armstead; 5. Williams

heatforlife will continue to roll with Tau!

tua is the most important hill by far our best offensive player

Call_for_the_Priest’77 has a rebuilding plan that will focus on something we can never seem to get right, the OL!

Tua, Armstead, Williams, Hunt, Hill. - OL first!!

72Phins4ever has a solid list with a wait-and-see on an exciting rookie.

Hill; Tua; Armstead; Waddle; Mostert (Achane?)

CJT13 didn't want to wait a day for the defense. Fair enough!

Tua; Hill; Waddle; Hunt; Howard(Because of all the pick 6’s he’s gonna get) ☺

AGuyFromThe305 is not only representing but has a good list!

Hill; Armstead; Waddle; Tua; Mostert

NCSurferMike finishes off our list with another solid list.

Hill; Tua; Waddle; Armstead; Hunt

Well again, just about everyone had a solid list. I was a bit surprised by those picking a list for a rebuild continued to roll with Armstead due to his age but there is zero denying that he is clearly one of the best players on the team and I don’t guess you can rebuild with any quarterback if he is getting killed every Sunday. As always, thank you to each and every one of you that took the time to not only read the post but to answer the question and give us your thoughts. making these posts possible.

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