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Phinsider Site Members 2023 Miami Dolphins Bold Predictions!

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

This week I asked the question, “Given what you now know about this current version of the Miami Dolphins what are some “bold predictions” that you would like to make for this coming season? By bold it should be something that no one else is perhaps expecting. It can be a whole team accomplishment, an accomplishment by one of the team’s three units, or even an accomplishment by an individual player. Also, it does not have to be an accomplishment in the positive sense, just something that you think or predict will happen that no one else is now talking about.

Below are some of your answers and thoughts on the subject-

phinsfan8373 predicted twelve wins or more due to the Phins' lethal offense and much better defense.

We now know how scary and lethal the Dolphins' offense can be but top 3 and our defense is top 3 with 12 + wins and AFC East Champs and a ticket to the Superbowl there are my bold predictions GO PHINS

MIAMI235 sees Ogbah returning to form and excelling and the special teams taking a punt to the house!

Bold: 1) Ogbah will return to form and have a Pro Bowl-type year. 2) Dolphins will return a punt for a TD!

Elzabar1527 sees the team going nearly all the way but being held up in the end by a lack of quality and depth along the OL.

We will either go to SB or AFC Championship Game but will lose due to not having enough of a stable OL. In next year's draft, we select either another skill player in WR, LB or finally get our OG and OT.

Bill Moody sees the first playoff win in a bit for our Miami Dolphins.

1) We win a playoff game... Not bold enough, well considering we haven’t won a playoff game since an OT win over the Colts in 2000. 2) The team will be better than the Cheerleaders this season.

sdphinsfan sees Holland blowing up to become a top, if not the top defender in the NFL.

Jevon Holland wins DPOY. Leads the league in interceptions. Leads all DBs in tackles and sacks. And scores more than one TD.

72Phins4ever sees the rushing game finding its stride for the first time since forever and the defense returning to something that equals the talent we have there.

1) Miami will be a top-10 rushing team. 2) Fangs D will post 2 shutouts / 3 point games.

Blaze453 has quite the list of bold predictions that all point to the Dolphins being one of the best and most dominant teams in the NFL!

1) we win 13+ games and sweep the AFC East; 2) Jaelan Phillips is runner-up for defensive player of the year; 3) QB one is universal Lee, known as a top five quarterback, after leading the NFL in QBR in the top five in yards, TDs, and completion percentage; 4) A-Chain wins the office of rookie of the year; 5) Cam Smith wins, defensive rookie of the year; 6) and Tyreek Hill gets his 2000 yards in game 17; Last, but not least, we rank in the top five in both offense and defense

Phinsox sees the offense owning the game clock this season.

Dolphins will dominate time of possession, largely due to 3rd down efficiency and successful running /short passing game.

Dynski19 thinks that a defender or offensive player from the Phins takes home player of the year honors.

We get a player of the year either defensive or offensive

phyrmun sees Achane having a solid rookie campaign, Igbinoghene finally stepping up and Thompson beating out White for #2 QB.

Achane 600 yds 6 TDS; Iggy continues to start after Ramsey returns; Skylar beats out White for backup

Yarganaught, like phyrmun, sees Igbinoghene finally start to live up to his draft status.

How is this... Iggy starts while Ramsey is on IR... and is so good, that they extend his return.

Dolfanjoe sees the Dolphins having a very successful season on the backs of a top-rated offense and defense earning the team multiple pro-bowl selections and a coach of the year award.

13 wins and the AFC East! Averaged out to a top 5 offense and defense. Still healthy going into the playoffs and Vegas has us 50-50! 8 pro bowlers! Coach of the Year!

dedstrk316 thinks that the rest of the NFL will finally see how great Phillips is.

Jalean Phillips DPTOY.

Sinjin830 sees the Dolphins leading the NFL in INTs!

Despite losing Ramsey for a good chunk of the season Miami still has the most interceptions in the league, led by Holland and Howard! Kind of banking on Fangio with this one.

Alpha6 sees Chubb living up to the value of trading for him and the giant contract that we handed him after doing so.

Chubb will have a 16-sack season...

TheRoo1 sees the Dolphins running the table! What a dream come true that would be for every single Phins fan!

Miami refreshes the record for a perfect season with a 17-0 regular season and of course a SB win.

DanielToshehill sees a lot of things coming for this team...all positive except for the lack of respect from the national media as per usual.

Skylar will be the backup. Miami will beat KC in Germany. Berrios will perform like the old school hot hands Wes Welker converting 3rds. Tyreek will add a full twisting backflip to his repertoire. Van Ginks will be a starter and will be impressive. Commentators will still talk more about our opponents than our team.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 sees the team getting off to a solid start.

The Dolphins will start 8 - 2 this year. Without checking the franchise records, I think it’s safe to say we haven’t done that good or better in a long time. Probably not since the 1984, 11 - 0 start, our last time facing off for the SB.

Mcsarch sees Achane tearing up opposing defenses!!!

Devon Achane will win Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Well, you all clearly understand the meaning of bold and I hope that every damn one of these comes true! Thank you yet again to each and every one of you that took the time to answer the question of the day and to give your thoughts on the question and your individual answers.

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