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Miami Dolphins You Want Replaced!

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Last week I asked a question based on the idea that no matter how good the Miami Dolphins roster is there is always room for improvement. The actual question was- ”Which players that were starters last year (or an offseason addition to the roster) that are presumed starters in 2023 do you hope to see either replaced by another player being brought in, a player that was already brought in to compete or a player that was either drafted or signed as an undrafted free agent? Which players do you see as the weak links that need to be replaced one way or another?”

Below are some of the answers along with your thoughts-

Phinsfan54zt is ready to boot some of the OL, a WR, and some defenders.

Eichenberg/Jones and Jackson if he hasn't improved. Cedric Wilson if he's the projected slot. Defense is Raekwon Davis and we'll see what Brandon Jones looks like after the knee surgery. I'm not saying we should dump Sanders, but bring in some competition this camp. And not some UDFA either.

daytonadolfan is ready to kick a fake player off the team. We have tried to tell Joe for years that it wasn’t real but what can you do?

Evening, I think that Finkle guy should go ........he lost the super bowl for Marino ....LACES OUT DUDE!!

Elzabar1527 wants to see some of the LBs replaced, possibly a CB, a LG, and a RT.

I hope we eventually (this year slowly) replace David Long with Tindal and/or Miller Jr. And Baker with Cameron Goode. Our LB starters should be Phillips, Tindal/Miller, Goode, and Chubb. Slowly replace X with Cam Smith, though having a 3 CB rotation of X, Ramsey, and Smith would be awesome for the next 2 years. Our OL of LG and RT should be replaced in next year's draft. Maybe giving Ryan some game experience would help his growth. I hope to see Ezukama play significant snaps soon as well.

21Dave is dreaming of some replacements for this team and probably some other weird s**t as well.

In a dream world, I would replace the entire OL, yes even TA. If we are dreaming why dream of a guy who misses time every year? I’m the same dream I would replace the TE group as well. I mean if we are dreaming why not dream for 2 stud TEs as well? And since we are going down that path maybe grab Barry Sanders and A.P. For your RBs as well. I can only think of one team I’m my years that was as close to perfect as ever and was the CowBitches in their hay day. Very solid QB yet overhyped, IMO, Stub FB, is a very good yet overrated RB as well. 2 very good WRs and Micheal Irvin, and in 4 of the starting 5 OL made Pro Bowl almost every year, and 2-3 were all pro. Let's not leave the stud they had for a TE as well. Emmitt Smith avg 3.3 yards one season before he was touched!!! Before he was touched!!!! Let that sink in. Now think back in your minds to what Barry Sanders, Bo Jackson, AP, Ricky Williams, Eric Dickerson, John Riggins, Earl Campbell, or Walter Payton would have done with those stats. Anywho, they probably had the best offensive setup ever.

FinsUp88 like most of us is worried about the offensive line!

Jackson at RT or Eichenburg at LG for me. Tua needs to stay upright this season, not learn how to get sacked more safely; granted I am extremely happy to see him bulk up and the training should still help for sure. But the RT position is concerning and would definitely like to see maybe Wynn or another body stand out and make the move to RT, or at least threaten Jackson into quality play. Eichenburg had a fair season going before the injury, he and Armstead seemed to be getting a rhythm together but he could very well be upgraded through camp.

finfanfromsiam is ready to send a linebacker packing!

Baker! Evening! Back at the salt mines for two days, off for five more...................!

Clovus333 is not siked about our new punter and also wants a new center.

Jake Bailey would rather have Turk and Sanders for someone more consistent. Also, the Center needs to change.

hd3 wants our starting QB gone.


thebithmonger wants a DT replaced!

raekwon davis

DolphinsKings1 has one for each unit.

Offense: Austin Jackson (it's a prove or lose-it year for him); Defense: Jerome Baker (he needs to know how to cover RBs and TEs); Special Teams: Jason Sanders (he needs to be more consistent beyond 50+).

SuperG! is another that’s out on the new punter!

Easy one for me. Jake Bailey. Never wanted him signed, not to mention we got a stud UDFA competing in camp, Michael Turk (related to Matt Turk).

Dolfanjoe is another site member concerned with a player that looks like he might be a holdout come training camp time.

Looks like we might have a starting center that has to go! Conners shows no sign of coming in, and I do not see him getting that big extension when the position is much more draftable. With Eich at center and competition at guard, might just improve the line anyway!

Yarganaught understands that the struggle is real and I thank you!

Ugh, this time of year stinks for us football fans. And I feel bad for you writers who are seriously trying to find an interesting topic to write about (and thankfully, besides the Hill slap, nothing too onerous has presented itself and made your jobs easy). Yet, like so many of the recent polls, this too is a “we have to wait to find out”. As some have already said, this is perhaps one of the best-looking teams we’ve seen in a very long time (ever?). And as others have pointed out, our O-line has had some weak spots in the past. I liked 21Dave’s “Dream Big” response, but he knows the reality of the situation. Personally, I think the O-line is going to be improved to the point where we forget AJ and Eich were a liability a few years ago. And TA will remain healthy and play every snap (talk about dreaming big!). But alas, it is the dead zone of the season, and we can’t know for sure if any of these players are going to shine or reveal they are a turd until a game or three into the season.

USMCFinzFreak wants to boot our kicker!

Jason Sanders

dedstrk316 is ready for Long to be gone.

I don’t hope to see this player replaced but I just don’t see him lasting long. David Long is already hurt and he tends to miss games. I’m really hoping he can stay healthy but I don’t see it.

Well if there is any consensus in our thoughts on this it’s that the offensive line scares the hell out of many of us while we nervously hold onto hope for a better outcome this season. As always thank you to everyone that took the time to answer and give us their thoughts.

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