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Your current favorite Miami Dolphins player(s)!

NFL: NOV 21 Dolphins at Jets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked a simple question, who is your current favorite Miami Dolphins player? Below are some of your answers-

daytonadolfan likes a wideout from Bama!

Evening, my favorite is Waddle, dude is $$$!

herbert pollack chose one Christian and one Andrew!

Wilkins, maybe AVG

MIAMI235 got confused at first but went with Van Ginkel.

Mercury Morris! …. Oops, times gone by… Let’s mix it up a little……AVG! ( High motor, flying around fighting for us)

Call_for_the_Priest’77 likes Hill with Wilkins close behind!

I’m sticking with Tyreek Hill. A (perhaps) ill-advised slap upside some jerk’s head is not enough for me to bail on a guy who has done so much for our team in such a short time. As long as his domestic issues are a thing of the past and he learns from this current happening, I don’t have a problem with the man. Christian Wilkins is a close second to TH. Like the WR, CW sets the bar high for his teammates and encourages them to get there. His talents go beyond what he does on the field. He makes the team better just by being here!

PhinsTifosi has a choice on each side of the ball!

Waddle/Wilkins tie . . .

EJPLAYA has two from Bama and a Tiger!

3 that are tough for me to choose from. Tua, Wilkins, and Waddle

KidSpectacular went with Wilkins and the unheralded fullback.

It’s hard not to say my man Chris Wilkins. He’s a fun guy to watch because his motor never stops and it seems like he just loves playing football. I also love to root for Alec Ingold. Fullbacks are so underappreciated, plus he genuinely seems like a good human being.

21Dave had a list but then settled on Christian!

Wilkins/ Mosert/ Tua, Hill, Holland, and Ramsey!! But Wilkins leads the pack for me

Alpha6 likes our quarterback and a Chubb...

Offense - Tua, Defense - Chubb

Molly Polly II puts in a plea to get Wilkins his money!

Wilkins definitely tops my list. Soft-spoken, lets ALL his play do the talkin. TOP NOTCH teammate, badazzz DT, focused on being a better player and mentor especially in his contract year. Finz needs to pay the man!

VanillaSean ranked his list!

1. Tua; 2. Wilkins / Waddle Tie; 3. Howard; 4. Holland; 5. Phillips; 6. Armstead; 7. Hill; 8. Chub; 9. Kohu; 10. Cook lol

Dolfanjoe went with Seiler and wants him to get his payday too!

Zach Seiler, Underrated defensive lineman who has never complained once! Not holding out like some O lineman. A player I want to see extended!

Josh Houtz thinks it’s all about the U! I concur!

Jalan Phillips

DolphinsKings1 rolled with Waddle but also had a list.

Geez! I have many but the one guy who I really like is Waddle. I have his jersey. But, I am going to tell you all my mine: Waddle, Tua, Hill, Wilkins, Phillips, Howard, Holland, and Coach McDaniel. HAHAHA! I have all those jerseys and I have Coaches Sun Glasses he wears during games.

Bill Moody chose Tyreek!

I always answer X, and he’s still one of my favorites. But after last season, I gotta go with Tyreek. If not for this most recent (off-the-field) boat incident, the guy has been the ultimate teammate, hype man, and player.

Sinjin830 likes our QB and our DT!

Toss up between Tua and Wilkins.

Spok507 has a top four and possibly more!

Who is my current favorite Dolphin??? Oh, that’s a tough one. It’s not like years past when one player shines through, this is a team made up of interconnecting parts that all add to the overall excitement. Tyreek Hill is dynamic, and Jalen Waddle is fun to watch. Christian Wilkins is probably closest to being my favorite in the sense that he treats the game as a GAME and obviously has a lot of fun playing it. Jevon Holland is another current favorite due to his relentless energy and commitment. There are others — too numerous to mention — but those are the top 4 that pop into my head when asked this question. Who knows — after the season begins, someone else may jump to the top!

Mcsarch loves our young wideout!

Jaylen Waddle.

sdphinsfan likes Chris Farley Zach Seiler!

Zach Seiler...The man lives in a van (camper actually) down by the river...And I hear he’s a hell of a motivational speaker in the locker room. For me, it's Seiler and Wilkins. That tandem, especially in the last two Buffalo games, was something else. Hope we continue to see these two playing together for the next few years.

USMCFinzFreak doesn't play favorites!

With this team, it’s hard to pick just one.

Yarganaught is in with Nick!

I have to go with Nikolas James Needham. From UDFA to Starter, and was performing at a high level until the injury bug bit him. I’m rooting for him to return to form this year.

AGuyFromThe305 is on board with Holland!

Jevon Holland - the physical, relentless mentality of an old-school player in the modern NFL, with a high football IQ to boot. Reminds me of Ed Reed. He’ll obviously have his fair share of big plays this’s to hoping a good amount is made in the postseason.

Blaze453 went with Wikins, leaving all the rest in his dust!

It’s not even close, Christian Wilkins

PA phinphan likes the Penguin and our hard-hitting safety!

Waddle and Holland are tied followed closely by Wilkins and Sieler.

darrel.owen is keeping the name of an all-time legend alive!

John Denney!

Matt in PSL is in all fairness upset with Hill right now but likes the humility and overall niceness of Tua!

I would have said Tyreek Hill, but pretty disappointed in him at the moment. So going with Tua. Great player and seems like a genuinely nice humble guy.

CJT13 gave nods to several in the organization!

Wow, this is a really tough question to answer. I have a bunch of favorites. I really wanted Wilkins in the draft and when we got him I was ecstatic. He has so much energy that he even lifts my spirits. So if I had to choose it would be Wilkins but I also really like Waddle, Tua, and Holland(All drafted by Grier by the way) plus Hill and McD(Because both helped Tua’s revival). To take it even further, I also will give props to Chris Grier for his recently drafted players(see above) and our owner Mr. Ross(yes him) for always being willing to spend the money. Wish it was all he has done but hey nobodies perfect.

Phinsfan54zt is another on board with our QB!

Tua. An even better person than a player.

72Phins4ever likes Wilkins as a player or a cornerstone to build a franchise around! Like I always say, Wilkins is the heart of this team! HE MUST BE RE-SIGNED!

Wilkins. The only guy on our roster that I would pick to build a franchise around. There are many close seconds but none can overtake his value to this team. His 1 big demerit was taking away the better part of a season from Williams (WR). Still, he is #1.