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Your Miami Dolphins Sports Bar/Grill/Restaurant For Game Day!

NFL: AFC Wild Card Round-Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I asked, "If you are not in the local viewing area for the Miami Dolphins games and do not have NFL Sunday Ticket where do you go to gather and watch the games from? Please let us know not only the name of the establishment but also its address if possible”. I hope to get a long enough list from locations around the country that we can build a solid list of locations to post for fans to meet up around the country and even overseas. So if you still have some ideas please add your answers for a location not already listed in the comments section below and I will add it to the eventual list.

Below are some of the locations that you have already added-

daytonadolfan likes Hooligans in Ormond Beach for a variety of reasons...

Hooligans sports bar, 1110 W.Granada blvd. Ormond Beach Fl. Great wings /burgers/dinner menu and awesome onion rings! Oh, and the waitresses ain’t bad either!

Blaze453 gave us a name. I hope he will add a location and even possibly an address.

Big Al’s largest Bowling Alley/Gaming/arcade/sports bar in Idaho

tpl likes a national chain that might be a good choice for anyone that doesn’t have any other options in their local.

I typically head to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch. They have all the games on so I can root against the Bills, Jets and Pats.

TheRoo1 likes one place in Clarksville Va and throws out another vote for BWW.

Obviously depends on where I am, If at Kerr Lake in Clarksville Va, a little local spot called Bridgewater, right on the lake, when traveling, I usually look for a local Buffalo Wild Wings. I hate light watery stuff some call beer, so I look for places with a selection of ales, preferably dark.

USMCFinzFreak might be promoting his own joint which is actually awesome and if anyone is in his neck of the woods please swing by and support a fellow Phin fan and Phinsider site member and his business!

Leo’s Bar & Grill in Fallbrook, CA. It’s a great little place, nestled in the hills of North San Diego County. The beer and spirits flow freely, and the food is made to order. BTW, my name is Leo and I live in Fallbrook.

Dolfanjoe has a spot for us in Colubus Ga!

Mr. Wing, Columbus GA., Reasonable food and drink. try to work with every fan of a team!

NeenerWhacker likes a place owned by a former player which I assume has to be very Miami Dolphins focused on game day.

Bokampers on the Intracoastal. They have 100s of tvs

Well, that was a fairly solid start but we still need more places so if you have a chance please add your location in the comments section below and we will add it to a future post. As always thank you to all of our site members that take the time to not only read the daily post but also add their own comments and thoughts.

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