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Eagles to wear kelly green throwbacks vs. Dolphins on Sunday Night Football

And yes, the Dolphins should reconsider and wear their white throwbacks!!!!

When the Miami Dolphins travel to Philadelphia in week 7 to face off against the Eagles on Sunday Night Football, they will look across the field and see some of the nicest throwbacks in the history of the league. (The Dolphins still have the nicest throwbacks in the world and you can’t tell us otherwise!)

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Philadelphia Eagles will wear their iconic ‘kelly green’ throwbacks when they host the Miami Dolphins on October 22nd at Lincoln Financial Field.

Unfortunately, as of now, the Dolphins have no plans to wear their white throwbacks — completing what many would consider the most visually appealing game of football in the history of the world. Instead, the Dolphins announced they would wear their throwbacks for two matchups this season.

The first game will be in week 8 on October 29th vs. the New England Patriots. And the second game, that the team officially announced, will be in week 15 — on Christmas Eve — vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Both games are at Hard Rock Stadium.

Eagles fans are so hyped for the release of their throwbacks that they started camping out at the team store at 3 AM just to have an opportunity to purchase one of the iconic jerseys.

But the question on every Dolphins fans mind: is why not wear the throwbacks on Sunday Night vs the Eagles?!

I have no answer for that, besides the obvious that it isn’t a home game. But considering the Dolphins wore their throwbacks on the road in 2019 vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, this doesn’t necessarily add up. I also believe it’s been said that teams can wear alternates up to three times a season, once again making fans question why the Dolphins would pass on this opportunity.

Sure, none of this matters and the game will still be epic. But it would’ve been nice to see the Dolphins — in their crispy white throwbacks — take on the Eagles — in their kelly greens — in front of the entire world. Not to mention, it’s a game I am all but certainly going to attend!

Do the right thing, Dolphins! Give us the throwbacks vs. Philly on Sunday Night Football!!!