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The Miami Dolphins Stories That In Your Opinion Are Not Receiving The Coverage They Deserve!

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Last week I asked the question “What Miami Dolphins’ storylines or stories do you think need to be covered more? What story or stories do you think the media is ignoring that are perhaps more interesting or more important than the human interest stories and unimportant minutia that the media spends most of their time reporting? What’s a story that no one seems to be covering but you believe needs to be talked about more?”

Below are some of your answers-

BxBruce kicks us off with an excellent question and points out something that I noticed late last season when Tua came back. After returning from the concussion he never seemed the same again and eventually was just out for the season and as pointed out below, no one seems to think back to that or even mention it as something that we fans and the media should be watching.

Lots of articles on whether Tua remains healthy. No one asking why he was suddenly ineffective in 3 of his last 4 games, against SF, LA, and GB. Don’t recall him looking that bad in so many games. Was it something defenses were doing? Was he injured (we know he somehow was concussed at the end of the GB game)? Was it a coaching failure, unprepared to adjust for the defensive adjustments to the blistering first-half offense? Which Tua will we see this year? Yes, I am concerned about his health but also about that really poor span of games. Was it an aberration?

bring back the whalers follows up with yet another great point. I was so disappointed with our special teams at times last season that I could not believe that we didn’t go get a new ST coordinator in the offseason. The worst of it was we just couldn’t seem to cover kicks. I don’t know how much extra yardage we gave away due to poor kick coverage for the season but it had to be enough to cost us at the bare minimum at least one game. Unacceptable!

Feel like our special teams were pretty bad last year. Wait never mind, don’t really want to read about special teams.

Lone_Star88 is frustrated by our lack of ability to add a true top running back to the roster. Believes like much of the fan base I believe, that whiffing on Cook will be a major offseason fail for the franchise.

How about after making 3 attempts (that we know of) to get a true RB1, they appear to have failed? NY was never going to trade Barkley, we know that, but missing on Cook only to see he possibly going to the Jets? If Cook signs and it’s less than 8 mil/yr, that’s a big fat F for me.

Phinsox is still concerned about Mcdaniel's lack of ability to adjust to what the opposing defenses were doing at times last season. Legit concern!

I’m thinking along the same lines regarding play calling, including play clock management. It seemed there was a lack of awareness of the defensive adjustments and no countermoves. I know it was MM’s first year but some of the issues should have been obvious. If the defense plays for the deeper passing routes, you have to take what is there underneath. It’s one thing to acknowledge that you have to run more but knowing when to run when the defense makes it obvious they are playing coverage, should be fundamental. That should have been easily addressed in any given midweek last year and wasn’t. That is why I still see it as a concern.

Elzabar1527 is concerned that they did not get some sort of quality control coach in the offseason to help with the time management issues that reared their ugly head last season. A concern that most of us frustratingly had last season!

Similar to the “Get back” Coach, did they hire anybody to help with: 1. Calling plays or getting the plays in quicker; 2. Game Management or Don’t burn timeouts

finfanfromsiam like many would have loved to have seen the team go after some more talented players at the TE position either in free agency or the draft, a draft that might have never and may never again be as deep at the tight end position. I have wondered since the draft if a lot of these TEs that we passed on for some other talent at other positions, that might or might not pan out, will come back to haunt the franchise in the future.

TE room?

Bill Moody is right, given past results, to be concerned with the overall health of the roster as we go through the season.

Health is the only thing I care about. We were decimated with injuries going into last season... let's keep these guys healthy, conditioned, and ready to play when the whistle blows for real.

Phintastic is looking to see which side of the ball dominates more in practices as well as how the speed of Achane and Chosen affects the offense.

Will be interesting to see which side of the ball does better in Practice. Hoping for great things on both sides of the ball. Any new wrinkles on the offense? Achane & Chosen and how they assimilate their speed into the offensive scheme of things.

sdphinsfan is concerned about the lack of depth at defensive tackle.

It’s not the sexiest topic, which is probably why it isn’t discussed. But the lack of depth at DT is a concern. Seiler and Wilkins are fine, and they’re DEs in Vic’s scheme. Davis is decent when he plays, but he gets hurt a lot it seems. Hopefully, somebody really shows something in camp...

NeenerWhacker is concerned that if Tua loses one of his top two wideouts for a stretch or the season if there is anyone else that can in turn pick up the slack on the roster.

One thing that worries me that isn’t often discussed is how fragile the offense can be and I’m not talking about Tua. If Hill or Waddle goes down the offense loses its identity (or at least the identity of last year). Period. The TE room isn’t strong enough to pick up the slack. The running back room as it stands isn’t good enough to pick up the slack in my opinion.

TheRoo1 is another fan concerned with the overall talent among our current group of tight ends. Me too sir! Me too!

Whether any TE is showing any blocking ability while also being a receiving threat. We have 2 young projects, of college wideouts that are being converted as well as two, new to us, vets. Are any showing promise in camp, and in preseason games as they start?

Miami235 is wondering if the team is hit yet again with a rash of injuries if the front office/ownership will write a less-than-stellar season as somewhat understandable given the circumstances or if will it result in another “overhaul” of the team.

Let’s explore last season for a moment. The team was struck by an injury bug. If there is a repeat of the injury bug, and we experience a 9-8 type year, will the “injury“ reason be viewed as acceptable? Or, will it just be considered another excuse/ reality, that fans are left saying we need major changes again?

21Dave hopes we don’t have to again hold our breath when Jason Sanders goes out to attempt a field goal or extra point.

Jason Sanders and is his kicking woes fixed and over!! This will be a huge factor.

Alpha6 has another solid list and he’s correct about the Jets. No one freaking cares!!!

What Miami Dolphins’ storylines or stories do you think need to be covered more? That the offensive line has taken a leap and will be better than good this year. What story or stories do you think the media is ignoring? That the Dolphins are playing the Eagles that (DC) Vic knows how to beat. Unimportant minutia - no one should talk about the Jets... no one cares... and they suck. What’s a story that no one seems to be covering but you believe needs to be talked about more? That Belichick is on the hot seat among others.

CJT13 is giving us more credit than we probably deserve but we do appreciate you!

Since the only news I read is on the Phinsider, I think you guys have covered everything so far.

Dolfanjoe, is I think, concerned about a full-on Poltergeist scene breaking out during a Phins game at home during a hard rain.

Is the curse of building the stadium over thousands of buried Seminoles real? Or is it the same as living next to a cemetery? It will only bother you if you let it!

Well, I have to admit that I thought this was one of if not the weakest questions that I had asked in this series, and while that’s a really low bar you all managed to kill it with your answers. It was a nice reminder of how thoughtful and insightful our readers are when you compare it to some of the other sites online where most of the comments equate to feces throwing at one another. As always thank you to each and every one of you that took the time to answer the question and give us your thoughts!

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