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How will you be celebrating?

July 4th 1776 Patriotic Design Photo by GraphicaArtis/Getty Images

If your first question is “Is James mailing it in?”, well yes I am. First off I feel like death today for some reason and second, things are dead around here on a holiday or the week of a holiday like the 4th of July so I won’t usually get enough answers in a question post to make another post of that post so here we are...

So tonight’s question of the day, just so we have something to shoot the breeze about this evening, is how will you spend your holiday tomorrow? Will you just chill at home with the family or will you be out and about at a friend's or family member's house? Are you going to make the trek to see fireworks? As for me, I am supposed to be heading to my dad's house about three hours from here in Titusville tomorrow if I feel up to it.

So enough about me please let us know what you will be up to tomorrow in the comments section below-