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Dolphins training camp 2023: Building the roster - Special Teams

The final edition of the building the roster series as the Miami Dolphins begin training camp on Tuesday. We take a look at the specialists to round out the 53-man roster projection.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Training camp is underway for the Miami Dolphins as they begin their full preparation for the 2023 season. The veterans reported to the team facilities today, joining the rookies who are a week into camp. The team will begin ramping up practices over the next several days, with Sunday’s workout the first public practice of the year.

As we reach the start of training camp, we also reach the end of our series taking a look at the Dolphins’ 90-man training camp roster and predicting the regular season 53-man roster. We have already broken down the quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, fullbacks, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, cornerbacks, and, earlier today, the safeties. We finish the series with the specialist positions.

Later today, we will close out the review with the specialists.

Who is on the 90-man roster?

Jake Bailey - Punter
Blake Ferguson - Long Snapper
Jason Sanders - Kicker
Michael Turk (R) - Punter

What should we expect in training camp?

Ferguson is a lock for the roster.

Competition was not added for Sanders, who did not have his usual strong even-numbered-year performance in 2022, but that does not mean he is locked into the roster. If he does not immediately show he is better than an 81 percent field goal kicker and a 93 percent extra point kicker, Miami could look to sign someone during camp or as the season gets ready to start. The 2020 First-Team All-Pro kicker needs to find that form again quickly this summer.

On paper, the Dolphins appear to have a punting competition, with the newly signed Bailey and rookie Turk. Miami signed Bailey, the former New England Patriots punter, to a $1.1 million, fully guaranteed, contract this year. While eating $1.1 million is not unheard of for a team, doing it for a punter signed this year does not seem logical, especially when adding in no dead money for Turk if he is cut. A strong performance from Turk in camp and in the preseason could change that idea, but this would appear to be a case of getting Bailey ready for the season, then letting the rookie do the rest of the kicking.

2023 53-man roster projection

Jake Bailey - Punter
Blake Ferguson - Long Snapper
Jason Sanders - Kicker

Based on the current roster, this seems like an obvious projection. We will see if anything changes during the summer.