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Dalvin Cook believes he’ll sign with AFC East team; denies Miami Dolphins have contract offer on the table for him

Where will Dalvin Cook eventually land in 2023?

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Dalvin Cook saga continues to drag on this offseason while many Miami Dolphins fans wait with bated breath regarding his possible signing with his hometown team in South Florida.

The story’s most recent developments come courtesy of Monday’s edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Cook spoke candidly on his decision making process, admitting that it’s likely he’ll end up playing for an AFC East team in 2023.

“I think [the AFC East] is a really high percentage for my landing spot. I think those teams have showed a lot of interest in coming to pick me up and having me join their team, so I think that’s like a real high interest.”

When speaking about joining his brother James Cook in Buffalo to play for the Bills in the wake of Nyheim Hines’ injury, Dalvin Cook had this to say:

“That would be exciting for me and my family. It would. The whole thing about when they brought the whole thing up about me and my brother playing together, it was just about me not being in his way. I want my brother to go tear the league up... and I don’t want to be the one being in his way stopping him from doing it... But they down a back, so it’s not out the picture for me to go play there with him.”

When asked about the Dolphins’ interest in his services, Cook hesitated, but then pushed back on the idea that Miami has an offer on the table for the veteran back.

“I didn’t... no, that wasn’t true. It’s ongoing with my agents and everybody. They’re going through their whole negotiation thing, doing their thing, and I’m going to let them take care of that.”

With training camp just on the horizon for the Miami Dolphins, we should get an answer to the Dalvin Cook riddle very soon, unless, of course, he decides to wait until just before the season to pick a new home.

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