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Your take on the 2023 Miami Dolphins record as well as the AFC East!

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Earlier this week I posted about the different things that the media and fan base are saying about our Miami Dolphins and the three other teams in the AFC East. I then asked the question, “What is your prediction for the Miami Dolphins’ 2023 record as well as that of the other three teams in the division”?

Below are some of your thoughts and answers on the subject and the question-

PhinsTifosi only wants to talk about one of the four teams. Fair enough!


72Phins4ever is on board with PhinsTifosi!

I am with PhinsTifosi 20-0

Spok507 seems to have the same idea but with more losses.

I have 12-5 as the floor and 14-3 as the ceiling. I believe we split with the Jets and Buffalo and sweep the Pats. Leaving our other loss to maybe KC in a close one. I’m in the air on the Eagles game, as I think Fangio knows how to beat them. And the only other questionable games I see are the Ravens and Cowboys at the end of the year, but that’s going to depend on what’s at stake for both teams. I have high hopes that the Fins win the East this season and head into the playoffs strong.

FLSurferMikeNowNCSurferMike is also only focused on the Phins record.

4-2 vs AFC East; 13-4 Regular Season; Rose tinted glasses for the first time in a long time.

TuaLuve has us dropping a trio of games.

14-3. Go fish and long live TuAnon

NeenerWhacker has something to say but is not on board with throwing out any records at this time.

All of the AFC East matchups will be an ‘any given Sunday’ situation every Sunday in my opinion. This is as strong as the AFC East appears to have ever been

Blaze453 has us beating up on the division this year.

5 and 1 in the division with an overall record of 12-5 with an outside chance at 13 wins. Win the East finishing 2nd in the AFC with this year's fate decided in the AFC championship game. All 4 AFC EAST teams finish 500 or better with NE better than thought and The Hoodie safe for another year. Rogers retires knowing he and the Jets went as far as they can in the East and AFC

daytonadolfan said something!

13-4 “Nuff said”!

Call_for_the_Priest’77 has a lot to say about our 2023 record!

I would say right now that there hasn’t been a lot of news within the division since we were last asked this question a couple of months ago. We should have this question again once the preseason wraps up. Thus for now I’m staying with the optimistic side of things as before which includes: Reg Season Record: 12 - 5 (Franchise embraces an air of confidence it hasn’t seen since the mid-80s! All units work together, leaving no weak spots for the opposition to exploit. Confidence and strength rule the day and claim the division crown and the #2 playoff seed behind KC!) Playoffs (#2 Seed): 2 - 1 (Playoff victory at last!! Finally, 20+ years no longer feels like 10^20! A strong victory over our hated rival #6 seed Jets gleefully sends them packing from our hands. Cincinnati comes in next and proves a tougher opponent. An old Marino - Kelly style shootout ensues between modern-day gunners Tua and Burrow but Tua prevails. Alas, luck runs out in KC in our attempt to get back to the Superbowl. However, the hunger burns for 2024.

Alpha6 gave us the division standings.

AFCE standings... at the end of the season. Buffalo; Miami; NE; Jets

Dolfan88 thinks the team will sweep the board as long as we win the last one.

20 - 0 as long as we win game 20!

Dolfanjoe thinks the division title will be decided at the very end of the season.

Sorry about the 17 wins prediction. Tough division tough schedule for all of the East! The AFC East title is on the line last game of the season with Buf. Do not see any way out of this unless we or Buf. just happen to go off earlier in the season and beat some teams that are questionable to win. So Miami 12 wins Buf. 12 wins going into the 17th game.

USMCFinzFreak has the Dolphins winning all the games with everyone in loser status!

Miami: Un de feat ed.; Buffalo: first loser; NY: second loser; NE: biggest loser

finfanfromsiam is a hero for reading my nightly dribble all the way through or maybe he's just disturbed. Either way, I appreciate you, Clark!

Evening! Putting on my swami hat..... Phins-12-5; Buffablo-11-6; NY Jests-10-7; NE Cheatriots- 8-9

Well, the consensus is that the Dolphins will end the season with somewhere between 5 losses and no losses. Not much in the way of the other three teams in the division but I guess those three will sort in there somewhere after the Phins. As always, thank you to everyone that took the time to answer the question of the day and to give us their thoughts.

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