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You choose your Miami Dolphins’ 2023 MVPs

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Last week with Miami Dolphins’ training camp beginning I asked the question, “Who do you see as the most likely candidates, barring any physical setbacks, to be the team’s offensive and defensive MVPs for the 2023 season? Will it be the usual suspects or one of our new additions to the roster? Will it be a guy that is already with the team but finally breaks out this season”?

Below are some of your thoughts and answers-

Alpha6 rolled with #1 and X.

Offense - Tua; Defense - Xavier

Call_for_the_Priest’77 also chose Tua and sees a resurgence for Chubb.

Offense: Tua shows what he can do with three years under his belt and a good run of durability. Our undisputed team MVP on offense. Numbers through the roof! Should land somewhere in the top 5 for the league! (HM: Waddle, Achane!, Armstead) Defense: Bradley Chubb. Dude is going to go mental good wanting to prove his worth. He’s going to get a ton of help from others up front and will be in the right places to wreak havoc. (HM: Wilkins, Phillips, AVG, Howard)

Spok507 has a vote in each for Hill and emerging NFL star, Holand.

Offense: Hill until someone proves they’re better. Defense: Holland. I see him becoming a star in Fangio’s defensive scheme.

BillMoody has a few possibilities.

O: Tua or Hill; D: Wilkins, ‘X’, Phillips or Ramsey

Dolfan88 chose our starting QB and the heart of the team, Wilkins!

Offense - Tua; Defense - Wilkins

Madbikerinvestr00 chose two other young up-and-coming future NFL stars!

Defense: Phillips; Offense: Waddles

daytonadolfan put in another vote for Hill and one for our new star CB.

Evening, Hill for offense, Ramsey for defense!

Blaze453 had another vote for Tua as well as another vote for Phillips.

O: QB1 you’ll end up be ing a top, three quarterback in efficiency rating, and be one of the top three candidates for MVP; D: Jason Phillips he is ready for a breakout year and eat. You will be a top-three candidate but for defensive player of the year. Jevon Holland will also get consideration.

herbert pollack went with two popular guys.

Hill; Phillips

sdphinsfan went with Tua and Holland.

Offense: Tua; Defense: Holland I think both are going to have great seasons.

TuaLuve rolled with Waddle and sees X having a big comeback year.

Honestly, I’d take Waddle for offensive player of the year this year because Hill will draw the tougher CB matchups and get more double coverages. With that same philosophy, I would take pick Howard as the defensive player of the year because he has always played his best when playing as CB2. Go fish and long live TuAnon

TheRoo1 believes in two guys that are due big paydays soon!

Funny when you consider that the ramifications of the most likely pair is the end of their time here together. If it’s Tua and Wilkins, both are due new contracts and could squeeze the team too hard for us to keep both.

FLSurferMikeNowNCSurferMike put in yet another vote for-

Tua and Philips

72Phins4ever has Tua and Wilkins.

I think Wilkins is the guy on D. But, I want J Holland to be the one with Minkah having a mommy-loves Twitter year. On O it is Tua if he stays healthy with T Armstead a Darkhorse if he stays healthy.

Sinjin830 has a couple of choices on each side of the ball.

Tua, maybe Tyreek on offense. On defense Philips or maybe Ramsey.

The consensus is that our fans, at least on our site, seem to lean towards Tua or one of the star wideouts on offense with Wilkins and Holland seemingly the favorites on defense. As always thank you to everyone that takes their time to read the question of the day and then add their answer and thoughts to the comments.

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