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Your Miami Dolphins dinner guest!

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

This past week I asked the question, “Which current Miami Dolphins player would you like to have dinner with and why”?

Below are some of your answers-

Alpha6 seems curious about how much such a giant man may eat in one sitting.

Terron Armstead, LT... just to watch him eat lol.... but also to get his take on the best DE’s he’s faced.

Molly Polly II went with the same choice as me, yet another giant man!

Agreed…Wilkins would be my first choice!

finfanfromsiam seems oddly curious about another big guy's marinade!?!

Seiler! He would kill dinner and cook it probably! Plus would want to know his secret marinade?

Spok507 went with a guy that might be finally recognized for the star that he already is this season by the national media. We, the fan base, are already aware!

I’d choose Jevon Holland. He seems like an interesting guy with a high football IQ who just gets the job done. I’d like to talk to him about his work ethic, and what — if anything — he enjoys outside of football. While other players get attention for comments, etc., he remains a quiet mystery. When players were dropping like flies in that extremely hot Buffalo/Miami game last season, Holland was cool as a cucumber and played almost every down. That amazed me! So my dinner companion choice would be the Snowman, just to try to find out what makes him tick.

daytonadolfan wants to have a couple of players over for a meet and greet over some ribs.

I’d like to have a cookout with Waddle and hope he invites Holland to come with him!

Dolfanjoe chose I guy I expect to be a cornerstone on this roster for years to come!

Gotta go with a player I believe will be here for a while! And Waddle is that man. Talk about his politics and why. How much time does a football player get to see the real world not just antenna news garbage? How does he feel about racial injustice, how our President is doing? What is he going to do with that unreal amount of money he will receive on his second contract? Being in a position to make change will he? Hey, what else would you talk about with a complete stranger at dinner?

Darkha4421 is not satisfied with just one.

Shoot the ish about real life, Tua. Ask about the NFL as an entity, Cheetah. State of the team in a biased perspective, Penguin. Talk about individual players in the NFL, Wilkins. To talk about leadership (Phins and otherwise), X. Many reasons and stories that lead to these ideas; and as far as which I’d pick at any given time depends on my current mood/interest. Regardless, I’d love to sit down with the entire team, coaches included, and get private and/or personal input on many matters. Football-related or not.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 seems to have some sort of fetish for stealing food from others! Don’t say you were not warned, folks!

Most Like to Have Dinner With: Easy. Braxton Berrios! This guy would put up the least resistance to my taking his dinner. Least Like to Have Dinner With: Christian Wilkins. I’d still win but it would be a lot tougher to steal his dinner!

FLSurferMikeNowNCSurferMike is a rebel!

MM because his humor is my jam. Yes, you said ‘player’. Don’t care. Coach can bring a +1 from the team.

Yarganaught is more concerned with meeting some ladies! Fair enough!

Player... does that include the cheerleaders? Oh, how to narrow it down to just one?!?

KHo56 wants to hang with a former Cane!

Evening all! Jaelan Phillips - I loved it when he went and did some obvious stretching with his shirt off in the December Buffalo game when all the experts were saying Miami couldn’t handle the cold. I think his sense of humor would be fun to be around

sdphinsfan wants to chill with a linebacker and his story!

AVG...Just seems like a cool kid with a good head on his shoulders. He plays hard and with enthusiasm. He’s got a unique story to tell. And I’d like to hear it.

USMCFinzFreak wants to hang with a player in a van down by the river!

Sitting around at Zach Sieler’s RV campsite, shooting the sh** about everything and eating anything (well, just about anything).

72Phins4ever wants to have a chance to impart some wisdom on our QB.

For me, it would be Tua. He has the potential to make the biggest difference on this team in the next 5 years. I have some books about leadership I would love to get an opportunity to suggest to him. If it was just for fun and my entertainment then Wilkins. If it was to learn from the guy key aspects of the game it would be J Holland, I think he has it all together.

A pretty solid list of players folks! As always thank you to every one of you that took the time to answer the question and share their thoughts.

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