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Your Miami Dolphins Nicknames For 2023!

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Last week I put out a post pointing out that most fans and even the media expect our Miami Dolphins to not only be better than last season but to actually make some real waves in the playoffs for the first time in forever. Assuming that both the offense and the defense will be better overall in 2023 I suggested that each squad needed their own nicknames.

The questions that I asked based on that assumption were, “If the team is as great as most expect this coming season which nicknames would you get the offense and the defense? In the past, the team has had nicknames for the defense like the no-name defense and the Killer Bees. So what would you suggest for the team’s defensive and offensive units going forward, with the current roster”?

Below are some of your answers and comments-

daytonadolfan seems to be harkening back to his days in WWII.

D-day defense cuz we are gonna storm the beaches!! Air Miami for the offense! Evening Peeps!

Louie the lobster has a suggestion that I assume is for the defense.


finfanfromsiam has some solid suggestions for both sides of the ball.

Afterburners for the O- Ins policy D: everyone is covered?

scrwal seems to suggest that the defense will be scary good!

Doomsday Defense

DavidPhinFan has a suggestion for our speedy offense!

Formula Fins for the offense.

Spok507 has another suggestion, I think for the defense...

The Miami Hustle and Rustle.

TheRoo1 has one for the super-fast offense and is in a holding pattern on the defense.

Offense,,,,, Some variation of,,,,, White Lightnin; Defense????? We haven’t seen what Fangs is going to do.

dolphinfan4lyfe has an idea for each side of the ball and RIP to the late great John Candy!

O: Cool Runnings= Lots of Speed, plus we already have a penguin, and RIP John Candy; D: Venom’s Victors= Just like the Symbiote, this D is expected to eat and eat often. Will totally consume offenses if ran as we envision.

USMCFinzFreak has a military slant for both sides of the ball.

Shock and Awe Offense; Blitzkrieg Defense

Call_for_the_Priest’77 has a few suggestions including one that is a play on an old nickname for the D.

O: “The Bomb Squad” (Hon M: “The Rainmakers”); D: “Miami Sunami” (Hon M: “The Known Name Defense”)

Sinjin830 has one for the offense that is a play on a past great Rams offense.

Greatest show on surf for the offense, but I cant think of anything good for the defense.

72Phins4ever has both sides of the ball covered with a nod to Fangio on the D.

O Phin-nado; D Fang’s Phin Pod

Dolfriend has another nod to Fangio!

D - DolFangs, D’ Fang Gang; O - Fast & Furious Uno

Bill Moody has a modification to another's suggestion for the offense and likes something to do with Dolphin pods for the defense.

O - Flying Fish (nod to GateDolph below); D - Not sure, but something with “pod” in it.

GateDolph has a couple of options for both sides of the ball!

Offense: Flying Fins Offence, Tua Tag Team; Defense: Force Fang or Fang Force?

PhinsTifosi finishes off our list with a couple of more suggestions.

O - Speed Thrills; D - Phish Wall

We got a lot of great suggestions so thank you to everyone for taking the time to comment and give us their thoughts.

If you would like to join in on the conversations where we highlight some of our favorite comments (and even some that I disagree with) be sure to sign up for a Phinsider account. The questions post will be posted during the week with the follow-up post coming every Saturday evening as well as other random evenings.