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Your take on home-field advantage

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
It’s just so hot here! It’s soooo unfair!!!
Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Last week I asked the questions, “How much do you believe “home-field advantage,” if all things are equal outside of the “home crowd,” play in the actual outcome of NFL games? Do you think “home-field advantage” is as important as ever, or do you see it as something that is overrated in picking the outcome of games?”

Below are some of your answers and thoughts-

Snook2006 believes in the home-field advantage that Miami has thanks to that evil sun that makes Buffalo Bills fans cry.

I really think Miami has the best home-field advantage in September and October Sunday afternoon games.

Jsutton15 thinks the hoodie coaches to the elements better than any other head coach.

There is such a thing as QBs who can play in harsh conditions. The best I ever saw was Marino hands down. Being from Pittsburgh, with his arm, and size he was great at it. I believe those kinds of games will hurt Tua in the end much like it did for Brees. The thing is you have to train for it. The Patriots dunking footballs, etc. No one is better at coaching in the elements than Belichek.

daytonadolfan is a believer!

Home field is a huge advantage, just the feel of the crowd that fuels the players and gets them to put out 110%. Although it is sweeter to win in another team's field there’s no place like home! The Germany game is showing as a home game ...... sure hope we have a lot of fans there!

Spok507 believes that home-field advantage is still a thing but has been diminished by the various other media options to follow your team available to fans today.

I think Home Field Advantage is still a thing, just not as much as it used to be. Since anyone can see a game on TV, whether it’s at home, streaming, or at a bar, it’s easier for fans to access it. Back in the old days, fans had to be present, so the crowd was a huge deal. Otherwise, it was listening on the radio or hopefully living close enough to have your team game broadcast. But now, I can get the Sunday Ticket and watch all the Dolphins games from Iowa. So it allows a lot more of the visiting teams’ fans to purchase tickets, evening up the crowd noise that the players can feed off. It still does help to have the familiarity of sleeping in your own bed, not traveling, team colors, etc., but it’s not as much of an advantage unless it’s the heat/cold/snow affecting the other team. So Miami in the early part of the season can be an advantage for the Fins who are used to it, but it only gives them a slight edge.

Alpha6 doesn’t think that it matters that much but also that it does matter! I see what you did there Johnny!

I don’t think it matters that much. Like going over to another’s house to kick his ass. But... psychologically, the fans cheering does help. Also, the colors, feel and no traveling helps too.

sdphinsfan doesn't buy that it's still that big a deal at the NFL level but still believes it plays a part at the college level.

From the perspective of a fan, it’s a big deal. But for players, it only matters as much as they let it. The heaters/coolers they have on the sidelines now, the nutrition and hydration technology, all make it much easier to deal with the elements. But if a player believes it will affect their game, it will. If they don’t think it's a big deal, it won’t be.... College football is a different story...

TheRoo1 points out, that according to Google, you have a 12% better chance to win at home.

In the NFL, according to Google, the home team wins on average 56% of the time.

Blaze453 doesn't believe it plays as big a part as in the past but knows that the hellish heat in South Florida can be its 12th man!

I don’t think as much as it used to be, but Miami in September, Buffalo in January, the 12th man in Seattle, there are some places and times of year that there is a distinct advantage in playing

DolphinsKings1 wants our Dolphins to win all of their games at home. I’m in!

Isn’t it like 60% of the home team wins right? If that is the case yeah HOME is where you want to win all of them. Think about this 9-0 at home in sunny South Florida. That will definitely put them in even if you go 4-4 on the road. It is extremely important to win them all. So I say let’s ******* do it! I am still going with 12-5 (8-1 4-4).

21Dave points out the conditioning our Phins do in the heat pays off in South Florida’s natural sauna.

In South Florida at the start of the season, it’s huge. We train in this heat, we are more adapt to it. Look at the Buffalo game last year. Same effect for say Green Bay in the winter.

CJT13 is not sure why it matters.

Other than the comforts of home, the weather (sometimes), and the cheering fans for the home team, I never understood why teams play better at home than on the road. I mean are the playing fields not the same everywhere? Same length (120 yds including endzones) and width(53.3 yds). So shouldn’t they play just as well on the road as at home? The only sport where the dimensions are different is baseball, the fences have different distances, and the foul territory is less in some and more in others. Maybe it’s just me.

The consensus seems to be that it does still matter, especially for our Miami Dolphins when the weather is taken into consideration. Thank you again to everyone that takes the time to answer the question of the day and give us their thoughts.

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