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What other former Miami Dolphins players deserve the nod?

Miami Dolphins Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Just yesterday the Pro Football Hall Of Fame announce the 60 semi-finalists from the senior and coach/contributor categories for enshrinement into the HOF for 2024. Among the list in the senior categories are two former Miami Dolphins. Mark Clayton, one of Dan Marino’s favorite targets as well as a five-time Pro-Bowler who played wide receiver for the Dolphins from 1983 until 1992 made the initial cut. Additionally, Bob Kuechenberg, from the glory days of the franchise, who played guard, tackle, and center for Miami from 1970 to 1983 also made the cut. Kuech also attended six Pro Bowls in addition to the two Super Bowl rings that he earned. Both men have already been placed in the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll.

There is no guarantee that these two former players work their way through the process that will eventually lead to enshrinement and both of them making it seems like a near impossibility but odder things have happened. The process will now move to the next stage to select twelve seniors and twelve coaches/contributors from each of the two categories. Those that make it to the twelve will be announced on July 27th for the seniors while the coach/contributors will not be voted on until August 15th. From there the total of twelve seniors will be whittled down to three on August 22. Those final three from each of the two categories will then be added to the list of players to be voted on for enshrinement in 2024.

So tonight’s question is besides Clayton and Kuechenberg what other former Miami Dolphins players deserve to be considered for future classes of the Hall Of Fame and why?

Please give us your answers and thoughts in the comments section below-