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Are the Dolphins the most feared team in the AFC East?

Good Morning Football debates if the Dolphins are the most feared team in the division.

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It might be the first time in decades that the Miami Dolphins have gotten this much preseason love from the national media. Touted as one of the best teams in the stacked AFC, the Dolphins are expected to be right there to win the division and at the very least, make the playoffs. Preseason expectations are at an all-time high, and it begs the question, are the Dolphins the most feared team in the division? Good Morning Football answered that question yesterday, and it was honestly a very enjoyable conversation to watch.

Although most of the Dolphins talk was overwhelmingly positive, the conclusion I got out of it was that they think Buffalo Bills are still the team to beat in the division. I honestly think the Diggs drama will resolve itself in training camp so I don’t hold that against them. They’re the division winner for the last 3 years and, until recently, have owned the Dolphins. Now with Tua Tagovailoa that may be a different story this year.

Tua beat the Bills at home and lost on a last-second field goal later in the year in that Buffalo blizzard. He also proved that he could do it in the elements, so that was like 2 birds, 1 stone for Dolphins fans. Dolphins do seem to be a bit of a kryptonite for the Bills, but “to be the king, you need to beat the king,” to quote Cam Wolfe.

Outside some of the embarrassments we’ve had against the Bills, the Miami Dolphins absolutely dominate the rest of the division when Tua is playing. The hardest teams to play during the year are your division games. They know you better than anyone and always play you hard. We’ve gotten big plays from Tua in those games too, and we’ll need more of the same this year. Overall the Miami Dolphins are 8-4 against the AFC East, with all 4 losses against the Bills.

Tua Tagovailoa has a record of 4-0 versus the Patriots in his career. - Stat Muse

Tua Tagovailoa is 3-0 against the Jets in his career. - Stat Muse

With the way the division is stacking up this year, it looks as if it’ll be a 3 team race between the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets. The Patriots will be average. Not terrible, and not to be overlooked, but the obvious bottom to the division. It’s about time too. They won it for 20 years with the goat Tom Brady, so it’s time to let the rest of the division get their shine.

I do think most fans and media underestimate the Jets. The roster is absolutely stacked, young, and I’m a believer in Aaron Rodgers. He’s going to revert back to being a top 5-10 QB in the league this year. Brady made the blueprint to Quarterbacking after 40, so we can’t write Aaron off. A Rodgers-led offense with top 3 talent on the other side of the ball is serious.

AFC East Division Winner: - Draftkings Sportsbook

I guess logic says you should go with the team with a top-3 quarterback and division winner for the last 3 years. Vegas is going with them, and they’re usually on the money, so I get it. It’s Buffalo’s division as of now, but the Jets are quietly flying under the radar with firepower on both sides of the ball and are even ahead of the Dolphins, according to Vegas. I believe the Dolphins have the highest ceiling, and with the additions they’ve made in the offseason, they have the best team on paper. Best the division has ever been in my lifetime.

Let us know who you think the most feared team in the AFC East is in the comments below.