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Fantasy Football 2023: 8 Dolphins Players that will help you win Scott Fish Bowl 13

Scott Fish Bowl 13 starts later today and I have a list of eight Miami Dolphins players you should target if you’re looking to win the granddaddy of them all! #FinsUp

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

This year’s inaugural Scott Fish Bowl is set to kick off later today (some live drafts have already finished). And as someone that has the privilege of once again participating in this iconic fantasy league, I can confirm this is one of the best days of the fantasy football season.

For those who don’t know, the Scott Fish Bowl is a free league that merges fans, fantasy experts, writers, celebrities, and everything in between for one particular cause: giving back to those in need.

There are other charities Scott Fish has helped out with, like Hurricane Relief and other notable causes, but for the most part, a majority of the money raised goes to helping unprivileged kids during Christmas time. And as a father of three little girls, nothing makes me happier than helping such a great cause.

I’m also addicted to fantasy football, and being able to compete against some of the truly #elite players in the industry is a fun challenge and one I look forward to each season.

If you’d like to donate to Fantasy Cares, click HERE.

Last season, my team finished as one of the top scorers in the entire league — which this year will consist of 3,000+ players divided up into a plethora of 12-team leagues. It’s do or die at season's end, with the accumulated highest-scoring teams advancing each week. It’s a challenge, but not one I’m ready to back down from.

Like any fantasy football league I’m in, I like to target Dolphins players because I’m a sicko and rep my team through thick and thin. But for those that may not be diehard fans of the team from South Florida, I’ve compiled a list of eight players you need to draft in Scott Fish Bowl 13. Enjoy!

Quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa

This one is obvious, considering the Scott Fish Bowl is a Superflex league that encourages players to start two quarterbacks each week. Sure, you can decide not to, but why would you when quarterbacks — good and bad — score some of the most points every Sunday? Not to mention, when healthy, Tua Tagovailoa was an absolute beast in 2022, throwing for over 3500 yards and 25 touchdowns. If healthy, Tagovailoa will improve on the 348.3 points he scored a season ago using the SFB 13 format.

The only real question is, when do you draft Miami’s starting quarterback? Tagovailoa will likely go somewhere between the second and third rounds. Still, depending on how quarterback-heavy the draft starts, I could see Tagovailoa being drafted sooner than that. I drafted him last year, will I get the chance to do so again this season?!

Wide Receiver, Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill is arguably the best wide receiver in football. And after recording career highs in targets (170), receptions (119), and yards (1,710) in Mike McDaniel’s offense — and speaking into existence that he will reach 2,000 yards this upcoming season — Hill will be one of the first five wide receivers selected — if not top-3. Last season, Hill finished with 421 points using the SFB13 format, averaging 24.7 points per game. He will be drafted early and often. The question now is can you land Tagovailoa AND Tyreek Hill? Probably not, but I’m not against trying!

Wide Receiver Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle is a no-brainer, like the first two players on this list. Waddle is #elite. So elite, that he led the league with 18.1 yards per reception last season, under head coach Mike McDaniel. He also scored eight touchdowns — despite recording fewer receptions (75) than the year prior when he broke the NFL rookie record (104). There’s also no question that he’s a top-10 wide receiver in the league (IMO). Last season, using SFB 13’s scoring system, Waddle recorded 18.5 fantasy points per game.

Pairing Waddle with Tagovailoa would be ideal, but for a fantasy team that might decide to wait on a wide receiver, Waddle is a fringe WR1 and should put up insane numbers in year two opposite of Tyreek Hill.

Running Backs Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson Jr., and De’Von Achane

When it comes to fantasy football, it may be better to avoid the Dolphins' backfield entirely, but not in Scott Fish Bowl 13. Part of the winning recipe is landing a late-round back that can put up consistent numbers, and both Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr. did that a season ago. Using the SFB13 scoring system, Mostert finished with 16.6 fantasy points per game, while Wilson combined for 15.7 PPG between his time in San Francisco and Miami.

I like Mostert more, but many seem to think Wilson will be the back that gets a bulk of the carries — especially at the goalline. And then there’s De’Von Achane, who could prove to be an x-factor, but how much of an opportunity he gets as a rookie has yet to be decided.

And let’s not forget that the Dolphins could sign Dalvin Cook, making everything I said a moot point. Nevertheless, Miami’s running backs should have a significant role this upcoming season — but buyer beware. .

Wide Receiver, Robbie Chosen

I could have gone with veteran slot wide receiver Braxton Berrios. But I will double down on my opinion that Robbie Chosen will be Miami’s WR3 when it comes to targets, yards, and touchdowns. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a role for Berrios, who will be used methodically to attack the middle of opposing defenses. Still, Chosen has the speed Miami desires and is the only one of these second-tier wideouts that have recorded a 1,000-yard season. I say all of this despite his career worst in targets (44), receptions (20), yards (282), and touchdowns (1) a season ago. Nevertheless, I like Robbie Chosen later in drafts.

The late-round value with guys like Chosen, Berrios, and even Ezukanma may solely depend on whether or not you land Tagovailoa. But for a team with so many offensive weapons and an offense that can handily get receivers open, it would be wise to take a late-round flier on Chosen — in my opinion, of course.

Kicker, Jason Sanders

Kickers tend to be unicorns in Scoff Fish Bowl because you don’t have to draft one — or even start one — but at times, they can produce consistent points that some of the other uncertainties or wildcards on your roster may not. Extra points, for example, will yield you 3.3 points per XPs in a high-scoring offense like Miami’s. You also get points based on each specific field goal. A 47-yard field goal will net you 4.7 points, and so on.

I’m not one to praise Sanders, but based on how he performed down the stretch late in the season, I’d be willing to draft and use him sparingly. After all, he finished last season top-10 using SFB 13 scoring, finishing ahead of Baltimore’s Jason Tucker with 236.8 total points (13.9 ppg)

Which Miami Dolphins players are you targeting in Fantasy Football this season? Let us know in the comments section below!