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The biggest threat to the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Last week I asked the question, which team do you see as the Dolphins’ biggest challenger for the divisional title next season? Additionally, I wondered, do you expect the Phins to win the division outright or do you expect it to be a battle?

Below are some of your answers-

MIAMI235 believes in the status quo until we see otherwise on the field!

Still, the Bills, till proven otherwise.

phinsatx didn’t give us the biggest threat in the division but believes that the Phins are in prove-it mode...

I think the Phins are in full prove-it mode. It looks pretty good on paper and in concept, but they need to actually go out and do it. Hopefully, it is a fun season to watch.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 thinks that it's between the two NY state teams with the Bills edging out the Jets.

It’s close between NY and Buffalo but I’ll say Buffalo will remain the bigger threat because they have been perennial contenders when no one else from the AFC East has recently. AR has gone through it all in both regular and playoff seasons but he is about the only one on his team who has achieved this while avoiding Nauseating Green’s perpetual mediocrity. While the Jets could eclipse Buffalo this year, I’m still betting on Buffalo’s experience vs. them. I think we retake the division crown this year finishing one or two games ahead of both clubs in a battle-testing three-way dogfight. I think we match up better than the Jets more than 80% position wise as well as Buffalo to a more modest extent. Stay healthy Tua!

EJPLAYA is another one that believes the status quo will stick but also sees the Jets creeping up the ladder.

By far the toughest division in football. Buffalo is our biggest competition, however, NY is not that far behind. If you sleep on NE you’re not real bright. Not going to be easy and there will be a couple of underachievers by year's end. Hopefully, we’re not one of them.

Blaze453 also thinks it’s Buffalo that we have to watch out for.

We will win the AFC East followed by Buffalo. Week, 17 game against Buffalo here in Miami will play a big part in determining the outcome for the season.

glen55 doesn’t believe the media...

Bills, hands down. Not buying this Jets thing the media is peddling.

Bill Moody says the Bills are the team to beat, so let's go do that twice this season!

Bills, of the three other teams, are still the team to beat. Although, if this Diggs situation gets worse, then it's the JETS. With that said, injuries will be our biggest opponent again this year.

Spok507 is yet another that checks the box for the Bills!

We’ve historically had a problem with the Jets — even when they sucked. But until we can beat the Bills consistently without a problem, they remain the bigger threat. Containing Allen and forcing him to start doing stupid things is key. Once he starts ad-libbing, they really don’t have much structure behind him. I’m not worried about Rodgers. While he may be one of the best QBs in the game, I’m not convinced he’s enough to magically make NY contenders, especially with the retread GB receivers he forced them to sign for him. New England, even with Brady, has always had problems with the Fins, especially in Miami. I don’t see that changing. And, if I remember correctly, Tua hasn’t lost to them yet, right? So if he can stay on the field, they shouldn’t be a problem. It is going to be a very tough division, and I see the winner of the East as the biggest threat to KC’s dominance. Cincy may be up there as well, but whoever wins the East will be battle tested and ready for anything. My prediction is NY and Buffalo will split. NY and NE will split. Buffalo and NE will split. We will split with Buffalo and NY but beat NE twice giving us the edge. Miami can go all the way with the roster they have this season. Let’s just hope they believe it as much as we do!

Yarganaught says the Bills too!

The biggest Rival is still the Bills. The Jets haven’t proven anything yet, and the Bills were the team to beat last year. I do think the Fins have improved and the Bills have either stalled or regressed slightly. The jury is still out as to if the Jets can get everyone to play nice and get to that next level with the Fins and the Bills. Personally, I don’t think Rodgers has it in him to survive a full season playing Defense like the Fins/Bills/Pats.

The consensus seems to be that the Buffalo Bills will once again be the biggest threat in the AFC East to the Miami Dolphins taking the whole thing. Sweeping the Bills would be a big statement to the rest of the NFL. As always thank you to everyone that took the time to answer the question of the day and to give us their thoughts on their choice.

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