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Are you in favor of the Miami Dolphins signing Dalvin Cook?

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

For months now, the rumors tying Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook to the Miami Dolphins have made their rounds through the media. This week it was reported that before the draft this past April that Miami was actually on the cusp of making a trade for the Vikings star but for whatever reason that deal fell through. Then there were the rumors that the deal would happen during the actual draft, but that never materialized either. Ever since the draft the rumor has been that Cook would then be released sometime after June 1st and that the Dolphins again would be at the front of the line to sign the star back. Having Dalvin Cook then return to S. Florida, where he is from, to train with the same exact trainer as Tua Tagavailoa did little to silence those rumors.

Now here we are with today's news that Cook has been informed by the Vikings that he will be released no later than Friday. Once the release is official Davin is free to sign with any NFL team after 4 PM EST on that same day. While the Vikings were deciding what they were going to do with Cook the Dolphins went ahead and resigned their entire backfield from last season and then drafted college star De’Von Achane. Achane has every bit of talent needed to be as good as Cook at the next level but no one ever knows what a player will really be until the real games begin.

So knowing that the Dolphins will head into camp with a solid roster of running backs would you still be open to the team signing Dalvin Cook? If so why and who would you cut or trade from the roster to make room for Cook?

Please give us your answer and thoughts in the comments section below-