Tagovailoa working to be the leader the Miami Dolphins need

Tua Tagovailoa is looking to become the leader that the Miami Dolphins need. The quarterback has found the NFL tough during his first four seasons with the franchise, as he has been impacted by a number of injuries, including concussions.

Concussions have been a real issue for the Hawaiian-born star, with him having already admitted that he was considering retirement at this early stage of his career. He suffered two in the 2022 season, including one in the Christmas Day game that was played against the Green Bay Packers. There was controversy about this instance, though, as it went unchecked.

The physical and mental toll that his body took was enough for the 25-year-old to consider quitting the game for good, but he has since revealed that doctors and specialists said he was at no greater risk of concussions or CTE, thus giving him the want to pad up once again.

It could be good news for the Dolphins, though, as Tagovailoa has shown signs of promise when he takes to the field. He appears to be improving with each year, and this is something that fans and even sports bettors who like to wager on the franchise hope to continue.

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Some may feel that wagering on Tagovailoa could be a good deal in the 2023 NFL season, too. The organization clearly feels there is value in the quarterback as they triggered the fifth year of his rookie contract well before the deadline. Indeed, his stock is also rising on the gridiron.

He managed to throw for a total of 3,548 yards in the 13 starts that he managed to make throughout the last campaign, completing 64.8% of his pass attempts and converting 25 of those for touchdowns. As a result, the team managed to go 8-5 for the season, thus suggesting that if he can stay fit for the duration of a 17-game NFL regular season, there is every chance the team can compete for the Super Bowl.

What may be most interesting for fans is that he is putting the work in on and away from the practice field. He is looking to be a big presence for the team, as ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler (h/t Bleacher Report) has been reporting that he is a "major voice" throughout the OTAs. He is also "completely healthy", while he has been doing some work in another sport in order to try and protect his head better when being sacked in order to avoid potential concussions further down the line.

The Hawaiian has taken up jiu-jitsu classes in this time away from the team in order to try and learn a new way to fall to the ground, which would better protect him. He has confirmed recently that is the main reason for taking up the martial art, although he also admitted he learnt a few other techniques and information that he was not prepared to give up.

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