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Bradley Chubb opens up about being traded to Miami and what’s next for the Dolphins’ defense in 2023

Bradley Chubb joined Tyreek Hill on the "It Needed to be Said" podcast to discuss being traded to Miami and what's next for the Dolphins' defense under Vic Fangio.

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

On the latest episode of Tyreek HIll’s podcast, “It Needed to be Said,” Pro Bowl pass-rusher Bradley Chubb opened up about being traded to the Dolphins, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, and what to expect from Miami’s defense in 2023 under new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

The first thing Bradley Chubb discussed was what was going through his mind when he got the phone call from Broncos general manager George Patton that he was being traded to the Dolphins. Here’s what he said:

“Everything else kinda went void. I went to the house, all my dawgs came over. And I was off to Miami, dawg... They’re (Denver) always going to do what’s best for them... That’s how I see it. That’s how I got to take it. That’s how I have to approach my life. They felt like they were better without me. That’s how I have to approach everything and make sure no one ever feels like that again.”

Hill then asked the 26-year-old EDGE what it was like to get a new contract from Miami. And what was running through Chubb’s mind after he found out he’d be getting a five-year, $110-million extension from the Dolphins.

“When I first got there. It was too much to handle...A day goes by, and then Wednesday night, they call me. My agent is like we’re close, we’re here. This is the number we’re going to get, we sign the contract in the morning. I balled my eyes out, bro.

He continued.

“All the hard times, all the injuries, all the ups, and downs, all that came to fruition. I just prayed about it in my head... I love this $hit, bro. I love this $hit, bro...It was heavy, bro, I ain’t going to lie to you... It’s like breaking up with your first girlfriend.”

“It was bittersweet. All the people that saw me put the work in, they can’t enjoy it with me.”

Chubb then talked about what it’s like being a vet on Miami’s roster and helping some of the younger players develop.

“I’m here until 2027, bro. I’m in Miami until 2027. JP doesn’t come up until ‘25/’26; we’re going to rock, bro. We’re going to be in this b*tch. It’s cool to get that window again. Now I’m the vet. Now I can take everything Von taught me and pour it into JP. Pour it into all the youngins coming into the room. It’s dope, bro. Seeing the roles switched.”

He then went on to talk about the addition of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and what he will bring to Miami’s defense.

“I got a chance to learn in the system and be under one of the greater defensive coordinators in the league... My second year, I made the Pro Bowl — that was under his defense. My first year under his defense, I got hurt. The third year under his defense, Von (Miller) got traded, and I was dealing with some stuff. I never really got a chance to live out my full self in his defense. And the year I did, I made the Pro Bowl. So I feel confident that me and JP... Justin Simmons and Patrick Surtain were All-Pros in the same defense. So, we got Jevon Holland, Brandon Jones, Xavien Howard, the pieces we got, Vic Fangio is going to take us to the moon. I’m excited.”

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As of today, what are your thoughts on the Bradley Chubb trade? Do you think Chubb and Jaelan Phillips will be among the league’s best pass-rush tandems? How do you think Vic Fangio will impact the Dolphins’ defense? Is the sky the limit for Miami’s defense in 2023? Let us know in the comments section below!