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What you thought the Dolphins should do with their newly added cap space

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

This past week the designated June first cut of Byron Jones added some much-needed cap space for the Miami Dolphins. With most of Jones’ money off the books for the 2023 season, the team's cap space, according to increased to nearly 15 million dollars. Following the increase in cap space I asked the question, what should the Dolphins do with their newfound cap space between now and the beginning of training camp?

Below are some of your answers-

daytonadolfan who is preparing for his well-deserved retirement would like the team to drop a new boat at his doorstep. Seems fair to me when you see the amount of money he has spent on swag. He probably could have purchased the Queen Mary by now.

They could buy me my boat! Considering the amount of $$ i’ve spent on their “memorabilia”, they owe me!!

dolphinfan4lyfe wants the D line addressed.

I think that part of the money should go into looking to sign Akiem Hicks as we look to figure out what to do about Davis. More of a solid option as a NT that has experience in Fangio’s system.

Dwadeshouse would like a stud OL player if one were still on the market but otherwise would opt for a star WR or RB.

I'd love to use it on a game-changing OL, but none exist in the market. Seems the choice - realistically - is between D-Hop and Cook. Cook according to rumor is a near certainty. But if I was Grier and D-Hop was willing to play ball over a contract. I think he's a no-brainer. The gap between Hill, Waddle, and our 3rd receiving option is far too great, and certainly far greater than our drop from RB2 to RB3 (likely Wilson Jr to Achane). Relying on Chosen seems like the definition of insanity. The guy is supremely talented, but I'm at the point where I doubt his mental capacity to play this sport. So for me, it's D-Hop. He gives you elite hands and route running. He's not as quick as he was, but I doubt there are many in this league who can cover him in single coverage, and that's what he would be facing on the same offense as Hill and Waddle.

David7777 wants what we all are wishing for!

Protect Tua! Give him more time in the pocket to light up the field like he did in the Ravens game last year.

PhinsTifosi puts in another vote for a recently released start wideout.


BillMoody wants a few things starting with keeping our own hope for the foreseeable future.

1. Wilkins, otherwise 2. O-Line, otherwise 3. Derrick Henry

Alpha6 agrees with Mr. Moody. GET HIM SIGNED ALREADY!!!


Dolfansince68 is also on board with securing some of our own for the future.

Use the bulk of the money to resign pending free agents Wilkins, Hunt, Williams, and/or Sieler. The rest is to pick up quality veterans for depth and injury replacement. Try to trade Wilson and eat whatever part of the cap they have to do so and get further cap relief, they are deep at WR.

MIAMI235 wants to wait and see what’s available right before the regular season kicks off.

Don’t do anything. Wait to get a few good players that surprisingly get cut from other teams, during the final roster round.

coluccim agrees with my take, makes sure you have space beyond this season to keep this thing rolling as long as possible.

We are 31 million over the cap in 2024 without Wilkins, Seiler, and just Arcane at RB. Save what you can trade/cut where you can. I don’t want to see us restructure Howard again.

TommyNascar is jumping on the Wikins train with the others.

Use it toward signing Wilkens. We need him to anchor our D long-term. We already have RBs and WRs. Would love a stud OL but am not aware of any available.

Dolfanjoe has a variety of ideas.

Trade Wilson for Cook, getting more cap relief. Sign Cook to a more team-friendly contract. Hang on to as much money as possible for that final cutdown day and address anything that seems to be missing during the pre-season games and workouts. If Wilkins wishes to resign to a team-friendly deal with us he will!

There was no solid consensus but the most mentioned idea was to get Wilkins extended for the long term, something that I think nearly every Miami Dolphins fan wants to see ASAP. As always thank you to everyone that answered the question and gave their individual insights on their answers.

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