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The Phinsider Faithful’s Other Rooting Interest

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 26 Pitt at Miami Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked the simple question, what college football program do you follow? Below are some of the answers from you, our site members-

TheRoo1 is a faithful Miami Dolphins fan!

Wh,,wh,,,, what are all these other abbreviations and names? There is nothing else beyond the Phins.

PhinsTifosi is a Miami fan through and through!

Hurrycanes, Heat, Marlins, Panthers. And two of them are playing in their league finals now .

JasonR1324 is a full-on east coast guy!

My sports Holy Trinity is the Miami Dolphins (of course), the New York Yankees, and North Carolina State University (men’s basketball and football mostly).

daytonadolfan is an FSU fan. It’s okay Joe, I’m still your friend!

Florida State football baby, go Noles !! Oh and secondly UCF Knights!

Spok507 is firmly rooted in the Midwest.

As most here know, since I’ve lived most of my life about 30 miles from Iowa City, I’m an Iowa Hawkeye football fan. I’m not a big basketball or baseball fan, but I will root for the Cubs when they don’t suck. No interest in basketball, really. The squeaky shoes drives me nuts. I may have to root for the Lions in the NFC now since they took 2 of my Hawkeyes in the draft and I still like Dan Campbell. Can you imagine what the Fins would be like if they had kept him and we were able to avoid the Gase era?

finfanfromsiam is all about the U and some other school...

Evening! Hurricanes and Tarheels!

dwanathan is a rugby fan.

Wales in rugby

krammm likes some Whoopies...

The Jonestown Floods and The Macon Whoopies.

paddyjoe is all about the orange and blue.

If you’re not a Gator...You’re Gator Bait!

AGuyFromThe305 is so dead on!!!

Miami Hurricanes Baby! 01’ Canes were the best College football team ever!

Phintastic is family first as it should be!

I root for my 3 grown Kids and my granddaughter(6mo). Although not a person, i do root for my 401K to go up, so i can retire at the end of the year.

As usual, our site members came through with a solid list of answers. For the rest of the answers check out the original posts comments HERE. As always thank you to everyone that took the time to read the most and add an answer in the comments section.

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