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Your Miami Dolphins Suprise Training Camp Cuts

Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Every offseason our Miami Dolphins add a number of new players to the roster. Among the free agent signings, draft picks, and even the undrafted free agents there is a player(s) that will unseat either a starter or a backup on the team. Sometimes another player comes in and just flat beats out the guy(s) in front of them. There are also the guys that are maybe not quite as good as the guy in front of them who still wind up taking a job from a guy that would otherwise be in front of them on the depth chart. Some of these demotions also lead to the same player being cut from the roster altogether. The reasoning can be anything from the younger player having, in the minds of the front office/coaching staff, a higher ceiling to the fact that the veteran is just more of a cap hit and the team can always use the savings.

With that in mind who do you think will be the cut or cuts at the end of training camp that will either surprise or even shock the fan base?

Please let us know your answers and overall thoughts in the comments section below-