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Who’s your all time favorite player from another NFL team?


When I was a kid I grew up a Miami Dolphins fan in the 70s and 80s. My favorite players were always those that played for my hometown team, but that did not keep me from seeing other players and being blown away by their talent. For me, it was Bo Jackson that I remember the most. I had seen other players wreak havoc on my Phins and other teams back then, but I had never seen anyone dominate as a single player like Bo did. He was that rare combination of size and speed that you rarely see, a la Ricky Williams. Sadly his career was shorted by a bad hip injury (same as Tua’s) during a time when sports medicine had not caught up to repairing and rehabbing such injuries as well as they do today. I have always had a fandom for various other players from other teams but nothing like I did with Bo back in my youth.

So tonight’s question is who is your all-time favorite NFL player that never played for our Miami Dolphins?

Please give us your answer and thoughts in the comments section below-