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Miami Dolphins in the top 250 of Pro Football Focus’s 2023 Fantasy Football rankings

Which Miami Dolphins players made the top 250 PFF fantasy football rankings? Here’s who made the cut and some thoughts on it.

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With training camp around the corner and week 1 within earshot, it’s time to get brushed up on some fantasy football info. PFF released its top 250 fantasy football rankings, and the Miami Dolphins clocked in with 6 players on this list. It should be 8, but everyone makes mistakes. Here’s who made the cut:

Tyreek Hill - 10 Overall (WR4)

Tyreek Hill is a top-tier fantasy receiver and will likely finish in the top 5. In 2022, Hill finished WR3 in most leagues depending on scoring structure. He showcased his big play ability with Tua Tagovailoa throughout the year, along with a career-high in targets (170), and we should see more of the same in 2023. Hill is the 1 option in a pass-to-receiver-heavy offense. Hill is durable, averaging 15.4 games played per year for his career. He will be gone in the late first round, early second round.

Jaylen Waddle - 22 Overall (WR10)

Most fans would tell you they thought Jaylen Waddle’s production would drop in 2022 with the Dolphins adding Tyreek Hill, but it ended up being the opposite. He went from being the number 1 option rookie in a safe, quick passing offense to a nuclear second option in a receiver-friendly passing attack. Waddle quietly went for 1300 yards, and 8 touchdowns while leading the league with 18.1 yards per reception. Waddle will feast on defenses that double Hill. Mike Gesicki walked in free agency to the Patriots so more targets will be freed up to the receivers including Waddle. I’m expecting more of the same with a higher ceiling if Tua can stay on the field. He’ll be off the board by the middle of the 3rd round, so if you want him, and you should, you need to draft him in the second.

Tua Tagovailoa - 97 Overall (QB10)

This one is tricky because Tua Tagovailoa should be higher. He’s that good and has the weapons to hit long bomb touchdowns and get you those coveted bonus points. He racks up yards and touchdowns. Tua also finished 5th in average points per game in 2022... but that’s when he plays. If Tua stays healthy this year, he can finish in the top 6 even though he doesn’t use his legs much. With the loaded offensive weapons in year 2 of Mike McDaniel’s system, Tua should reach his ceiling fantasy-wise. I wouldn’t blame you for drafting 2 QBs if you target Tua, but when he’s out there you’ll have a top 5 guy at the helm. He’s a late snag, but you’ll need to get him before you go for depth. Definitely snagged the first 8-10 rounds.

Jeff Wilson Jr. - 121 Overall (RB46)

This one surprised me because Jeff Wilson Jr. is named before Raheem Mostert even though Mostert is the starter, and clearly was last year. Wilson is low on the list, and among other backups, but could honestly drop even more if the Dolphins sign Dalvin Cook. His status is pretty much in limbo for the next few weeks. There is upside here. When Wilson did play last year, he produced and will get opportunities to do that again when Mostert is out. You can’t start him unless Mostert is inactive, but if Mostert if that’s the case, Wilson becomes a really solid RB2. Drafted in the late handcuff rounds.

Raheem Mostert - 127 Overall (RB47)

I’m honestly confused at the disrespect that was put on Raheem Mostert’s name. There is no way that he is the 47th-best fantasy running back. They have him directly with the backups, and I’m thinking they just didn’t do their homework on Miami. As I mentioned before, maybe they think Dalvin is coming to Miami making Mostert the backup, but I doubt that. It looks like they proclaimed Miami’s backfield to be a 50/50 share for Mostert & Wilson, but I can assure you it is not. Mostert if healthy can be a top-20 RB. He will get more touches this year and will build on what he did last year. Late value snag, but you need to draft Wilson later just to be sure. If the Dolphins sign Cook, don’t draft Mostert or Wilson until the late handcuff rounds.

Devon Achane - 154 Overall (RB49)

I don’t think Devon Achane, or Wilson should be this close to Mostert in the rankings, but I can see why Achane is close to Wilson. That’s not a shot at either one, but the touches just won’t be there unless Mostert is injured. Achane may get the 3rd down work and could be in for a lot of passing situations if he can pick up blitzes, and protect Tua in pass protection. Total dark-horse with zero NFL snaps, so I’m hoping for the best as a Dolphins fan, but not worth a draft pick. He will be there in free agency if you get the itch to go with the rookie. One caveat is that McDaniel loves his fast guys that can catch. If he’s got hands, he can force his way onto the field. Grab him on the waiver early, and could possibly pay off.

Only 6 made the list, but I think that both Robbie Chosen, and Braxton Berrios will both finish in the top 250. With that being said, let us know in the comments what you think of Miami’s player rankings, and who they missed.