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Your Miami Dolphins 2023 Break Out Player Predictions!

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

This past week, I asked who will be the breakout player for the Miami Dolphins during the 2023 season. Below are some of your answers-

72Phins4ever gave us one choice on each side of the ball.

Mostert on O; Phillips on D

Oldfinfan chooses an emerging star outside linebacker!

Jaelen Phillips

FLSurferMikeNowNCSurferMike says ditto to Oldfinfan!

He already broke out as far as I am concerned given his PFF rating and the eye test, but I see double-digit sacks from JP and one hell of a year.

AGuyFromThe305 thinks Trill will at least step up to be a contributor on defense.

Idk about a star player, but if he can stay healthy, I think Trill Williams will be an impact rotational player for our defense. He will show some nice development under Fangs...

daytonadolfan thinks the rest of the world will begin to see how good Tua really is.

Evening! Tua! After getting a better helmet, an improved “O” line, some jujitsu, and putting on some muscle it’s gonna be a breakout year for our much-maligned QB!

Yarganaught thinks that a player many have called a “bust” will finally start to live up to his draft billing. Let's all hope that this one is dead on!

I’m going with Austin Jackson. IDK why, but I think he is going to come back and have a really quiet year. No penalties... no sacks allowed... no injuries... Just him and Hunt owning the right side of Center.

Alpha6 thinks people are going to see the brilliance of the head coach this year combined with a resurgent Chubb.

Not a player, but I say Coach McDaniel will have a fantabulous season. A player I see upping his ass-kicking game is..... DE/LB, Bradley Chubb.

Bill Moody has another vote for Chubb.

For me, it's gotta be Bradley Chubb. Last year came in mid-season, and while the overall team defense improved, his stats weren’t where he wanted them to be. Being reunited with Fangs and feeling he has something to prove, he’s going to show us why the team spent the money. I’m also going to throw in another player who had a down year by his own standards (obviously he was playing injured)... “X”. With Ramsey on the other side, and our D-line creating pressure, I think X’s ball-hawking skills are going to shine and he’s going to have a great season.

USMCFinzFreak expects to see Eazy-E break out this year!

Erik Ezukanma

sdphinsfan is another with one for each side of the ball even if one of them is not yet a Dolphin.

I got one for Offense and one for Defense. Offense: Dalvin Cook Defense: AVG...he’s going to excel on the inside of this D.... Honorable Mention: Brandon Jones...a nice bounce-back year after an unfortunate injury.

FlyerFinFan likes two from the defense. If he’s correct we should have a top-notch D this season as both are already VERY good!

I like JP as well as Holland. Both due. Outside shot is AJ just stay healthy and you never know.

edwinpena thinks a 2022 injured player will come back with a vengeance.

I have two guys jumping out this year. First will be the return of Oggghbaaahhh! He was a wrecking ball before and then came some injuries. I see a return to form and vengeance toward opposing QBs. Ten sacks can happen from his end spot. The second player I have is Devon ‘off the’ Achane! Perhaps McDaniel learned last year to run more this year. Imagine the 4th quarter, tired legs on defense, and here comes a fresh Achane, after only a couple of carries in the game to get warm, and ‘boom’, a wide run or misdirection scheme and he is gone to daylight vs the tired line and linebackers, especially when the team plays in the Miami sun. That’s my two breakout players, one incumbent, one rook!

finfanfromsiam is brief in his comments.

Evening! Mostert........

Elzabar1527 thinks Noah steps it up!

I would say to the surprise of everybody in this community: Noah Igbinohene. Bonus is Cam Smith and the coaches that provided the scheme Fangio. This would become the most surprising breakout player period.

That was a great group and all players that I hope do breakout big time this season as that would lead to a lot of wins for our Miami Dolphins. Thank you as always to everyone that took the time to answer and give insight into their thoughts.

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