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Will Tyreek Hill cost the Dolphins this coming season?

Miami Dolphins Offseason Workout Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Before last season the Miami Dolphins pulled off a blockbuster trade that added Tyreek Hill, the most electric player in the NFL, to the roster. He then went out and earned every bit of the trust the team put in him by trading for him and then paying him with a huge contract via his play and production on the field. The other side of that trust may have also included some sort of promise that his troubled past with assault was behind him. Now here we are again, sadly and unfortunately.

As most of you by now probably know, Hill is being investigated for allegedly slapping a dock employee in the back of the head after having gone fishing with his agent over this past weekend. While the person struck claims not to want to press charges, as of me writing this, the Miami PD is still going to look at the tape of the incident. From what I have heard this is not going to turn into a huge deal but I expect the team to at least give him a slap on the hand in the form of a fine or some other sort of action.

Now there is still the possibility that the police, even without the victim not pressing charges, could bring charges of their own but you would have to think with a department that has much bigger fish to fry this incident will not be a priority. The bigger issue that I am at least a bit worried about is the league office’s response to the incident. I have to assume that the NFL will also want to see the tape and speak to Hill in person. Tyreek was not suspended by the NFL for his previous domestic violence incident that he pled guilty to in 2014. This was because the assault on his pregnant girlfriend occurred two years before he entered the league. This also does not mean that they won't hold Hill's past legal infractions against him in this case.

There is also the fact that the NFL commissioner's office has seemingly leaned very hard on the Dolphins in recent years when compared to what we have seen happen to other franchises for what most would consider far worse infractions. Maybe he gets a slap on the hand from the league as well or possibly nothing if they consider whatever actions the team takes to be enough. My concern is what happens if he is suspended. I don’t know if or how many games he would or could be suspended but his missing games could cost the team given what his production was in 2022.

I do hope that Tyreek is a stand-up guy if things actually went down as we have heard by at the very least apologizing and making things right with the person he struck. Maybe some anger management is in order as well and that alone may show the league office that he takes his actions seriously and is addressing them properly. With all of that in mind what effect on the team do you think this has overall if he doesn’t or does get suspended? There is no chance that this is a story that just goes away and the coaching staff and players are sure to be peppered with questions from the media going forward, you would at least expect into training camp.

So please give us your thoughts on the issues with Tyreek and what you think should be done if anything and what you think will actually happen if anything in the comments section below-